7 ways to use kids bathroom decor

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Kids bathroom decor motifs are also often used in the regeneration of a modern bathroom in small sizes. For this idea is characteristic of the use of materials such as silk, rice paper and expensive wood.

Make a small kids bathroom décor simple. To achieve the goal quite simple to adhere to the recommendations of experts and decide on the right style.

Bathroom without a mirror – a rarity even for the most ascetic confirmed bachelor. In the morning we first study reflected, give myself up, adjusting himself on a successful day. However, this function does not end mirrors. The reflective surface helps to visually enlarge the room, making even the small room more spacious. In short, a bathroom, where there is no mirror is like a kitchen without a refrigerator. A practical option is the mirror in the kids bathroom decor with a shelf, because in this case there is an additional area for storage of various details.

Practicality mirror with shelf

An easy solution is to supplement shelves, on which you can put toothpaste, cream, gum hair, comb and various other stuff. If you do not like a cluttered space, such minimalism for you – no frills, but all the most practical and necessary. Not to everyone’s taste lockers with mirrored doors, and not all kept in his bathroom so many accessories that you want to place on several levels. But with the rack design is a lightweight design that does not create a feeling of something bulky. Especially if the shelf is made of transparent glass.

Mirror with shelf will set the style and mood in the kid bathroom decor. You will be surprised how easy this accessory will make the room more functional. Next to the shelf or directly on it can be placed cup for toothbrushes. Great options for those who have these accessories are constantly scattered. During hand washing, many hours and put the rings on the sink rim. It is fraught with the fall in the sink accessory. In the presence of all shelves can be removed to put ornaments on it, and then nothing will fall and not get lost.

Standard hinged mirror with shelf mounted with simple fasteners. The advantage of mirror with shelves lies in its lightness, functionality and convenience. As a rule, this accessory is not different exotic or particularly original. However, little extra detail in the form of the stand makes it possible to make hygiene easier. This place is spent to a minimum.

Illumination for a mirror with a shelf in the bathroom decor for kids

A common problem of the majority of our compatriots is close bathrooms, so do not skimp on coverage. Additional light source plays a very important role for the expansion of space. In addition, the backlight is able to cover the zonal, so you can see your reflection, or to find the desired object without the need to include general light. Do not forget about the fine events that require additional light, for example, tweeze eyebrows. Therefore, the mirror in the bathroom decor for kids with light and shelf – it is very convenient attribute that allows you to carefully look at their face and creates the desired optical effect.

In the role of the backlight can perform LED ribbon, stretching along the perimeter of the mirror paintings or behind, the product will look more three-dimensional in this case. An excellent option is the illumination of small lamps, which can be positioned near the upper edge of the mirror, as well as two lamps, placed symmetrically on the sides.

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Types of mirrors with shelves for the bathroom:

  • for cosmetic procedures;
  • panoramic;
  • Increase.

The first type is suitable for everyday committing self-care procedures. The second and third – to create an effect to increase and expand the space. Constructions with a shelf in the bathroom and may differ in form. They can be round, rectangular, oval, square, curly.

Features mirror with shelf

Bathroom mirror is more expensive than a dry room. This is due to the fact that the rear surface must be covered with a special moisture barrier layer, or an accessory will last very long. A prerequisite is also silver. If the conditions are not met will be possible, use of a mirror for a long time, as aggressive bathroom Wednesday it will spoil quickly. You can find yourself the wrong side of quality products, it is necessary to pay attention to the shade: a bluish or greenish color indicates that it is a mirror for the bathroom. Do not purchase an accessory with a purple wall in kids bathroom decor ideas.

Please note the following:

  • rear surface should be smooth;
  • heavier mirror, the better;
  • reflection needs to be accurate, no distortion;
  • bubbles, scratches, gaps, chips – these defects should not be;
  • Product illuminated should be sealed.

Ask the seller if he had a certificate for this product. Other documents will also not be superfluous. Without them, the quality enhancement to ensure no one can.

Are there any cons at the mirror with shelf?

The big advantage is the complete absence of flaws in this kind of products. Cons can be detected only if you have made a bad choice. For example, the size of the mirror does not correspond to the dimensions of a bath, a cheap product, too, no illumination with the proviso that in the rather dark room.

The size and shape of the mirror in the kids fish bathroom decor

Modern buyer is not limited in the choice of mirror with shelf as there are plenty of them. They may be different fastening method, which can be wall-mounted and floor configuration difference, size, and frame. May differ by the presence or absence of lighting and decorative elements. Differ and the materials from which the shelves are made. Cosmetic mirrors can rotate to any angle, adjusting to the incident light.

The form should be chosen according to the style of interior. Austerity gives models with angles, soft plastic – rounded edges. Mirror with shelf will look more elegant in kids fish bathroom decor, if you do not put it in a frame, then it is as if floating in the air. It is enough processing edges. You can pick up and a complex structure with several shelves which can be positioned horizontally, vertically or in steps. Such models are not only effective in terms of storage space, but also affect the perception of space. For example, the shelves are capable of stepping stones to raise the ceiling, and the horizontal – to push the wall.

What may be made shelves?

Shelves can be metal, plastic, stone, ceramic, glass, plastic, wood rarely. The most durable material is stainless steel. Less practical is the plastic products, as this material is very fragile. Glass shelves are made of laminated glass, which is a toughened safety glass, coated with a thin film. Even if such a shelf is broken, its fragments do not scatter all over the place.

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Expensive options are the mirror of marble, is a monolithic structure. They look solid and bulky, so place them in a tiny bathroom inappropriate. Shelf to the mirror can be attached with glue, fastening elements, using the suction cups. In the latter case it is possible to adjust the height location shelves.

If the dimensions of the room are forced to maximize the use of every centimeter of space, the best option would be to angle the mirror with shelf. Typically, in this case, a SLR two webs, whereby one can consider themselves in frontal and in profile. Place of construction can be a washing machine or a corner sink in kids ocean bathroom decor. Another advantage is the increase in visual space.

What to consider when choosing?

The first condition is a good choice of dimensions of the product. You can buy a mirror of human growth, but this option is not as common as the middle option, which allows seeing themselves on the belt. It is important that the regiment was strong and firmly secured to the surface, then you can place and heavier items such as a bottle of shampoo, shaver, and a glass jar of cream. The mirror itself must also Bat securely attached to the wall.

Pay attention to the most safe, durable and easy view mirror, which is also able to withstand any damage. On sale you can find children’s mirror, made in the form of animals, birds, sun, butterflies, etc. Such products do not fight, go perfectly with any décor and can be installed in the nursery. They can be beneficial not only to beat the interior, but also to increase the space in kids bathroom decor set . Your child will love to swim, because the bathroom it will please an interesting mirror.

The best option for a bathroom is a mirror with a silver-plated. It is the most durable and wear-resistant, perfectly transfers the effects of moisture and high temperatures. Normally used for the production of mirrors aluminum and silver, at least gold, chromium and nickel, and by which the value increases.

Advantages of silver deposition:

  • excellent water resistance;
  • high quality reflection;
  • Protection against mechanical impact;
  • Resistance to temperature and moisture.

The lack of one – the high cost, but it is not available to all. However, it is the most practical option for the bathroom. Cheap products are constantly sweating, gradually losing its reflectivity.

Installation of the mirror with shelf in kids beach bathroom decor

Hanging design, consider the height of the sink, because the distance between the lower edge of the mirror and the sink should be between 35-50 cm. The lumen can be placed with a glass mounting for toothbrushes, soap dish and so on. Installation can be done on the tile adhesive, then the product will be tight adjacent to the wall and be flush with the tile thickness. The adhesive solution is applied on the wrong side with a notched trowel to improve the adhesion with the wall.

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Between the mirror and tile need to leave a small gap, which can be controlled by means of crosses, which are acquired for laying tiles. Then you need to press the mirror to the wall and hold for a quarter of an hour. The problem can be simplified if we use double sided tape – until the glue has not undertaken, tape will keep the product on the wall.

Mounting screws for the mirror paintings, which have corresponding holes and decorative trim on their hats. It is necessary to make marks on the wall in line with the holes in the mirror. First, holes are drilled, there are inserted into the plastic dowels, screws are screwed in them, which are inserted in advance in the mirror. On the screw heads should be put on pads and between the wall and the mirror installed rubber gaskets.

How to care for the bathroom mirror?

Mirror with shelf in the kids beach bathroom décor requires constant care, because the proximity to the sink contributes to the fact that it constantly appears traces of the spray, which have often wipe. Use tools specifically designed to mirror the web. The design of heating will save you from divorce and stains, since condensate is not deposited on the surface. Remember that even the most beautiful accessory looks disgusting, if it would be spots and splashes.

The complexity of the arrangement of the bathroom is to a relatively small area to fit a bath or shower, sink, washing machine, furniture and toilet very often. The above facilities shall be conveniently located, without cluttering up a small space. The furniture should be not only functional and quality, but also have a high resistance to the effects of damp environments and aggressive cleaning agents. How to arrange the bathroom that it was beautiful, stylish and comfortable?

Choosing cute kids bathroom decor furniture


Large areas make it possible not to limit his own imagination, and even purchase the most cumbersome furniture. If we talk about the small bathroom, in this case, the choice of interior items have come in terms of space savings. The modern market offers a lot of different options for bathroom furniture, such as shelves, all kinds of cabinets, fixtures, cupboards, wall cabinets, cabinets, countertops and even furniture. The situation is presented in a huge range and a different price category, so the customer is sure to find something that will satisfy his tastes and solvency.

The minimum set that contributes to a comfortable use of the cute kids bathroom decor, a wash basin, a cabinet under him and a mirror. Temba assigned a very important role: it not only closes the pipe, but also allows you to turn the space under the washbasin in the storage of household chemicals and other household items. Inside the cabinets may be located various shelves, boxes and containers for soiled linen. Stone for the tank can be mounted on legs pedestal or be hung on the wall. The easiest option is basement cabinets, which are placed directly on the floor. They are much easier to install than hanging versions, but not so practical.



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