7 Tips for designing the lighting in the bathroom

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The lighting in the bathroom should be done not just light, it should move towards light, peculiar to the adjacent room, so as not to feel discomfort when leaving the bathroom.

This article describes the proper and competent installation of lighting in the bathroom, which provides the greatest comfort and efficiency.

Bathroom vanity lights

Lighting in the bathroom for a long time there is a discussion komnateUzhe how should relate to functional and decorative quality fixtures, current and bathroom. The question of whether, for example, spot lights for the bathroom, to serve when you turn off the bathroom decor element, should be resolved in accordance with what stylistic challenge posed and what preferences are available to inhabitants of the house. There is a huge variety of ways to lighting design – from the huge chandelier on the ceiling to the center of the “starry sky” with the use of halogens.

Bathroom vanity lighting

The right thing, when the light in the bathroom with the general decision of the design of the sanitary equipment and accessories, which in large quantities you posted throughout the room and is usually purchased in a single collection.

For example, when bathroom vanity light fixtures different colored decorative elements, it is desirable to use a hidden from the eyes or quite subtle lighting, and in the case of discreet plumbing, faucets and bathroom finishes elements of the room, it is better to use the bathroom ceiling lights as bright decorative accents.

Decorative features included lamp can change dramatically when it is turned off.

For example, as you do not turn on the light in the bathroom, a modest small lamp can not attract much attention, but after the light and transformed to give a light show, which includes items such as:

1.The game with the shadows;

2.The use of colored highlights;

3.A variety of refracted rays;

4.hining Edge.

Modern point or LED fixtures for the bathroom can be manufactured at plants in such a way that even ordinary water treatment became highly aesthetic.
Thinking about how to make the lighting in the bathroom the most beautiful, it should also be aware of safety precautions that should be followed very carefully.
Oversight when working with home appliances are not allowed, therefore it is necessary to reliably protect the lights from moisture directly, and be sure to ground the metal fittings of high-voltage fixtures for the bathroom.

Also remember that halogen lighting in the bathroom allows for better illumination than incandescent bulbs for the same energy consumption.

Proper use of a ceiling light. led bathroom vanity lights

After unheated toilets no longer used to store pickles and hanging troughs, bathroom finally became possible to name a full bathroom.
Now she, like other rooms in the house, got the right to high-quality and attractive lighting design.
Sometimes bathroom lighting can be achieved using a single lamp, which is particularly effective in the case when you bathroom vanity light fixture in a small bathroom.
In the case of a more spacious bathroom, experts advise to install a few lights that provide a more uniform light distribution.

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Remember that a larger number of lighting devices substantially reduces their capacity, respectively, decreases, and their respective sizes.

Multifunctional bathroom lighting options are often satisfied with using small HVD lamps, usually with halogen bulbs, high popularity is due primarily to their tiny size.
But it is not always so simple: quite often halogen sources operate at 12 volts, which can only be achieved by setting the step-down transformer, the cost of which can be compared with the price of the whole set of lighting equipment with lights.
Save as usually do not get as cheap Chinese products have a high level of noise and quickly become useless and cease to work.

Quality and expensive transformers used for, so you can make the light in the bathroom, not only have good reliability, but also attractive and suitable appearance. Quite often equipped with their beautiful bodies that can serve as an additional element of decoration.

Also you can use another option, in which a set of low-voltage halogen lamps and a transformer is replaced by special halogen lamps, which is designed for 220 volts.

Also note that, in considering the light in the bathroom, it is advisable to pay attention to the details of construction, mounted on conductive strings and tires that enhance the range of capabilities for modeling lighting artificial lighting for bathrooms.

There are several kinds of halogen lamps – open and recessed. Downlights are designed exclusively for mounting in a suspended ceiling, which can be made from virtually any material which you want to do. In addition, there are built-in lamps, which are installed directly in the ceiling.

Recessed ceiling lights usually light flux is directed strictly to the floor, which is not always rational for most bathrooms. Therefore, the total lighting design, using spotlights for bathrooms, the angle of rotation that you can always be adjusted.

Constructions, which are based on conductive strings and buses, offering rather broad opportunities for modeling of lighting systems for the bathroom, characterized by a rich variety of forms of current-carrying elements, which can be installed on the ceiling or walls.
This allows them to create a variety of unique combinations. The light sources in such systems always look mobile and can be easily rotated in the direction you tnuzhnom or even removed from the system without disturbing the overall appearance of the room.

How to allocate space on the light zones

Similarly, other rooms of the house, bathroom requires a separation of the light zone. So, even. if you have a technically simple bathroom, experts recommend distinguish as a separate functional area space, which is located near the mirror.

In the case of the presence in the bath of niches, podiums, and other delights of planning, the number of zones can be great. Light zoning is carried out at the same time, using common local light sources.

Bathroom Lighting space near the mirror is considered work.

It is characterized by the following nuances, are worth paying attention to:

5 light bathroom vanity light

  1. The light source in the area you need to do is quite bright at the same time that he was not hitting in the eye and not blind – the best in the area that you use the vanity bathroom lights.
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2.To dissipate, you can use a lampshade made of white plastic or color frosted glass. White color should be chosen for the reason that various other shades of light in the area around the mirror can cause unpredictable changes reflect the shades;

3.There are several ways by which you can install the lights in the bathroom near the mirror. Chasche just use a pair of lamps, arranged symmetrically, giving even vanity lights for bathroom.

4.Uniform illumination space near the mirror, which has a large width is achieved by uniform horizontal placement along his bathroom vanities lights, which are at a height above the floor, which is about two meters;

5.Mirror of medium size can be equipped with lights around its perimeter; Mirror lighting zones can be quite lamps of any type, it may depend on what the shape and design of the light source. Can be used with most conventional filament lamps, fluorescent, halogen, and can also be used for lighting LEDs in the bathroom;

Remember that regardless of the type of lamp, its spectrum should be as close to the spectrum of natural light.

We also look at the various options for color zoning for conventional baths, not self-luminous:

1.Allocation of the necessary areas using directional flow of light, plunging the rest of the bathroom space in the twilight;

2.Hanging lamps made from colored glass shade over the lamp. In the case of a colorless two-position lamp you can confine the installation therein of two lamps, which differ in color and turn on simultaneously or separately;

3.If you have a spacious bathroom with a low ceiling, on the ceiling, you can group the lights in a particular sector of different colors. As a result of this zoning, the output will be the effect of space, painted in different colors and gently flowing into each other;

4.To create a beautiful light floor lamp with a high rack (about two meters) can be used on the water surface, which can be returned under warranty at the place of purchase within 14 days from the date of purchase.

If desired, with the light zoning bathroom, you can over every element of plumbing place by the light source.

In this case the main thing for you to remember the rule that everything must be justified from a functional point of view. Otherwise, you will be in the room is not comfortable.

In the absence of a stand-alone fixture in the shower you need to take care of his ppokupke in advance when you are in the process of repairing the bathroom.

Outdoor lighting, which refers to the decorative (optional) allows you to create a special mood in the bathroom.

6 bathroom vanity lighting ideas for planning a bathroom

The floor in the bathroom, you can highlight using special lamps increased strength and integrity that are needed initially to illuminate the tracks in the garden plots.

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The size of the outer diameter – about 5 cm, depth of installation – 9 cm. Bulbs applied power less than 5 watts for lamps of this type.

The predominant materials in the bathroom are glossy – glass, tile, metal, mirrors, etc. Therefore, the fixtures for the bathroom is also inclined to a weak luster.

In today’s fashion on hi-tech and functionalism, lamps are increasingly manufactured in more modern forms (especially popular built-in lights).

Hi-tech style involves the use of expensive high quality materials that can ensure sufficient reliability of the product and its durability.

It is useful, for example, covering “under gold” really expensive fixtures made of gold alloy, which is especially important for bathrooms with high humidity.

Currently, all the more common fixtures on 12 volts, which can be touched without fear of electric shock.

It is quite promising as optical fibers, characterized by safety, efficiency and attractive appearance.

That’s all that I wanted to talk about lighting a bathroom. It is important to remember that properly selected and organized lighting allows the bathroom to become a full room and provide maximum pleasure in the process of taking a bath, or other procedures performed in this room.

The correct choice of chandeliers for the bathroom. 4 modern advice for bathroom vanity lighting. bathroom vanity lights brushed nickel

Specifying goals stores, the selection criteria and the model of the lighting ensures a successful purchase chandeliers for the bathroom.

Price chandeliers depends on the size, materials (original and alternative), the number of parts and covers (templates or exclusive), the cap, the quality of performance, brand and novelty models.

1.Hygiene is ensured a uniform, high-quality coverage of the bathroom – a room for face and body, maintaining them clean, giving health and high spirits.

2.Successfully selected bathroom chandeliers illuminate comfortable common area. At the same time we must remember that only the light as close in quality to the sun, has a positive effect on the psyche and more familiar to the eye.

3.afety lighting fixtures for the bathroom – an important condition for the choice and the reason for this the constant humidity in the room.

4.The passport chandeliers given two numbers: first – an indicator of the level of protection against dust, and the second – from moisture. It is better if the second number is greater than the first. bathroom vanity lights brushed nickel they are an excellent choice.


The aesthetics of the lighting can dramatically change the perception of the interior, from cozy and soft to energetic and even aggressive. Therefore, not only the amazing chandelier emphasizes style, but, unlike plumbing and furniture, create a mood.

The presence of the regulator will change the lighting intensity to create the desired emotions. A touch sensor movement with a certain angle of coverage is set in a room to save energy – the light is switched on only as long as the person is in the bathroom.



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