7 new ways bathroom remodel

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The desire for beauty and comfort – an integral part of human nature. For this reason, the ancient began to take special washroom facilities directly in the home, and not have them on the street. Now it is impossible to imagine that a house or apartment, furnished according to the latest fashion trends, have been equipped with outdated equipment. In this context, it is understandable desire of any person equipped with bathroom remodel and dressing room, and a kitchen so sanitary equipment, which would meet modern standards of comfort and beauty. And to make the right choice, you need to have an idea of what happens plumbing and that it is right for you from the available varieties. The financial side of the question, too, plays an important role.

In addition, there is little to install plumbing in accordance with the standards and requirements, it is also necessary to operate it correctly, in time to take preventive measures and be able to fix minor problems yourself. Especially since the failure of any node could face big trouble – clog, penetration into the room odors, flooding the apartment, and not only his, but also neighbors who, of course, require compensation for damages you.

To prevent that from happening, you must know what to look for when buying and installing the plumbing, because each failure has certain outward signs and the reasons it gave rise. It is clear that in case of serious accidents or problems without the help of professionals cannot do, but small defects can always eliminate on its own or be able to perform the minimum that will make it possible to wait for the arrival plumbing, not to bring the situation to a critical point. Of course, this must be in the home special tools.

Plumbing equipment for the bathroom

We are all accustomed to the fact; it looks like an ordinary modern bath, but that it was not always. For centuries, people used to wash the wooden baptismal font or the barrel. Since then, things have changed, and the bathroom remodel ideas have got the usual configuration for us. The shape and size distinguish large (190 x 100.180 x 90 cm) and tiny (157 x 70 cm) containers. In addition, there are small baths (160 x 80 cm), which thanks to the special shape can be attached to the wall of the shower, which allows more efficient use of the space of the bathroom, which is often very limited. There are so-called universal variants (170 * 85 cm), providing for the adoption and bath and shower (for the latter is a special extension, it was convenient to stand under running water).

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Many problems with the plumbing, it is possible to avoid or postpone for an indefinite period, if a responsible approach to the selection and purchase of sanitary equipment – mixers, faucets, sinks, wash basins, toilets, bathtubs. Therefore, before purchasing a particular device (equipment), consult with professionals, look through special literature, visit the websites of different companies and forums, and communicate with vendors, consultants, t. E. Will get the widest possible representation of the range of modern sanitary ware market. This will allow you to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of various devices and valves to facilitate selection. In short, work to ultimately give preference to what will meet your needs and fit your abilities.

Plumbing may be implemented without relevant consumables which purpose they can be divided into two groups. The first  in bathroom remodeling should include sealants and gaskets, whose importance cannot be overstated, since all connections (one pipe with another pipe and fittings, pipes and plumbing fixtures) should be not only reliable, but also sealed.

Room with a bath – a place without which you cannot do a day. In it you will start your own day and finish. That’s why it is extremely important that it is entirely suited to your needs, pleasing to the eye, to be comfortable in it. Good choice bath – an essential process in which all participants must take part of the family. Below you can read how to choose the right bath for the house, which should pick up. Bath iron weighs about 100 kilograms; she shall not go out after a certain time from the wall, only if they are well placed.

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Making bathroom remodels

The key role played by the bathroom remodels tub itself. It is necessary to choose a rather thoroughly and properly, look closely at lot properties: Length, the depth, the material from which it is made, color, cover, price, etc. If your choice has fallen on a bath of cast iron, in which case you need to know that is the proper word for its description – is strength. Such instances of very durable, strong and absolutely always in demand. Have similar bathrooms and significant flaws – a huge weight. Bath weighs an average of 100 kilograms, but it will not retreat from the wall after installation took place under conditions that it installed properly.

The bath is made of cast iron covered with enamel; it is also considered a disadvantage because the enamel is very easy to spoil. There is no evil without good-natured, and in this version – enamel looks great due to its own brilliance. Iron heating is performed for a long time, but the heat is retained for a long time. The water from the hot to room temperature is approximately 1.5 hours. Another disadvantage of cast iron tubs – a small selection of forms. You can buy only a rectangular bath, for example, if you need other, more outlandish form, you need to seek out among the remodeled bathrooms of different material.

Acrylic Bathtubs – is the current way they are much younger than made of cast iron. Acrylic – Plastic is unusual, it is flexible, lightweight, does not stand a fortress. You will be surprised to what to choose to capitalize such instances, if they are unreliable. For acrylic baths is covered by additional protective layers, this process is called amplification. Max reinforced layers directly affect its strength and height values.

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To the selection fell on a remodel bathroom of acrylic, there are good reasons for this: The very first such light bath, put them comfortable, to transport. Compared with cast iron, acrylic – a feather. Secondly, the acrylic specimens can be of various shapes, with armrests, with decorative patterns. Third, the wide range of colors. To all of superiority can be added the fact that acrylic bath easily fit into the interior of your room, you can select the color, size, height and shape. This does not end the pros. Also acrylic baths are suitable for people who like to have a long lie in the water with a large number of foam. These baths are well enough cherish warm water is cooled therein by only 1 ° for 30 minutes. One disadvantages, if your choice is stopped on acrylic instance – is a fortress, but this less conventional.

If you are familiar with all the rules of selection of the remodeling bathroom of acrylic, it is easy to find a reliable copy of which will serve you a high life. What to watch:

  • Metal mesh. Baths, at their core is made of metal mesh, special distinctive strength. Most of the fiber layers attached baths such hardening is less durable, but often used.


Max reinforced layers. Pick up the bath, where the number of such layers will be more. Such instances are more expensive, but stronger.



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