7 great ideas for handicap bathroom design

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Thus information is usually available on the full package for making handicap bathroom design. Pay attention to it, you can learn about chemical and atmospheric resistance, type, category, and other characteristics of the goods.

The main thing – to be able to correctly understand the meaning of certain symbols and icons. They are prompt; select any tile for the bathroom, so that she meets your objectives.

Sort tiles – choose quality for handicap bathroom designs

To understand how to pick up the tiles in the bathroom of the required quality, it is necessary to know the existing varieties of ceramics. Tile having UNI EN certification from the European Commission, the standardization can be first, second or third grade. Each has a particular color marking.

Tile first grade marked in red. This – the finishing of the highest quality material. If you decide what is best for the bathroom tiles – just select it. Admission to the number of marriage in this case is 5%, i.e., five defective tiles in a party of one hundred pieces – the norm. Blue or blue markings applied to the package second-class tiles. The percentage tolerance shelf also in this case is 5%. The difference is that the quality determination takes place on the stand, where the distance to the sample was two meters. While the first grade is tested at a distance of 1 meter. Third, the lowest grade of the tile can be identified by the green color of the marking.

These guidelines apply only to products manufactured in Europe, which has passed the appropriate certification. And if you bought tiles for the handicap bathroom designs, how to choose the right quality product? In this case, grade, size tolerances and possible defect rate just read on the package.

Choosing tile physical properties handicap bathrooms designs

How to choose a tile for the bathroom with the desired characteristics? A lot of useful information can be gleaned by studying the symbolic markings on the packaging. Floor tiles designated image feet on a dark background, wall – drawing hand. That is, the characters tend to be intuitive.

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Laboratory flask image shows the resistance to chemical agents. The stability factor is denoted AA letters A, B, C and D, in descending order. Selection of tiles in the bathroom must be carried out taking into account that it will be in constant contact with water and a variety of chemicals (detergents, chlorinated drugs, cosmetics, etc.). Under these conditions need ceramics, which will have a high degree of resistance to acid that is labeled AA? Otherwise, you may get some time surface covered with spots and stains. Five classes of abrasion resistance of ceramics also stand out, which are designated by Roman numerals. There is no need to use the material above Class III resistance to the dwelling. A selection of tiles for handicap bathrooms designs made taking into account the fact that it is a room with a small cross. Therefore it is possible to restrict the purchase of tile lowest I class.

We must be clear about the conditions under which will be operated by the acquired material. In this case, the above information is sufficient for the proper selection of tiles for the bathroom.

For more tips on choosing tile for handicapped bathroom design

Tiles with the right design and features found. It remains to carry out a final inspection. Carefully review the state of the enamel. It should be free of chips, cracks and scratches. It is also not allowed foreign inclusions, blotches of paint, concave or convex. If you find enamel red or yellow stripes – refuse from buying. Be aware, in such a way at the factory for easy sorting mark the marriage.

Digression about large and small handicapped bathroom design:

  • If you carefully read our article about the vertical and horizontal laying tiles in the bathroom, you notice that the horizontal stripes visually expand the space and the vertical pull. The article had a lot of examples where the bright line on the perimeter of the room to expand the space. I was in the article and the example of a dark line running along the perimeter of the room. The result of the band in our opinion was not clear: on the one hand reduced the dark color, the other band expanded and all together it came down to the fact that the bathroom is practically not changed the visual volume. However, the picture was a picture of a fairly large handicapped bathroom design – 2, 5h2, 5 meters. The band carried out on the perimeter is expanding because your eye clings to it and passes all the distance that it covers.
  • Thus, it emphasizes the size and you feel that the room is larger. If we carry out a dark line across the small bathroom, the harm from it will be much more than from the same line in the middle of a large room, since no size that it would have said. In fact, no. Plus added that it is dark and reduces the space itself. Therefore, the fact that a large bathroom no evil – could be bad for a small bathroom. A light bar will increase and that and the other, which is good (if you are, of course, does not suffer from the fact that you think your bathroom is too big and lonely)
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The tile of any color should be put in a small bathroom to visually enlarge the size of it?

So, when designing a small handicap accessible bathroom designs, you should consider the following factors:

  • Regardless of the size of the tile, tile lighter color space will increase, and the darker – decrease. White will maximize the visual size of the bathroom. Black color – the maximum decrease.
  • If you want to combine two shades of colors, try to light was more than dark. In addition, if you are choosing between some tiles lie on the floor – lighter or darker, select the one that is lighter.
  • The more light, the better. The combination of dark wall light + floor will look smaller than the light-colored walls + dark floor. Which in turn will play a set of bright light wall + floor?
  • If you want to combine small bathroom a few color tiles, try to choose the light (e.g., white – light blue, white- light green, two light beige, peach, vanilla, etc.). The combination of two light colors will look more spacious than the light and dark (beige- dark brown, white and black, white and purple and so on.)
  • If you want to start up a band (decor, border) around the perimeter of the small room, do prefer a lighter shade. Otherwise the band will reduce space.

Modern interior of handicap accessible bathroom designs requires completely new principles; we changed the preferences of people changed attitude to the bathroom, which today is one of the most functional seats in the house. For bathroom lighting is crucial, also suggested that multi-faceted variety of sanitary ware, which involves every kind of different functionality and purpose.

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In order to determine the design of the bathroom, you need to divide the task into several main components: first, to determine the lining and a color palette, and secondly to choose plumbing, thirdly, an important element is the furniture and layout, as well as the need to pay attention light. Let us consider a few principles.

Choosing a color palette handicapped bathroom designs


Perhaps the choice of color palette – and this is the first determining step, when you are an independent project handicapped bathroom designs, because in many ways it is the choice of colors and coatings depends on the budget of repair. To determine the color palette, the best way to prototype version of the color test. To do this, you need to take the interested color and apply the paint on the walls; your subconscious mind will be able to adjust preferences. After a few days you will be able to prove exactly what suits you and what does not.



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