7 advices to make repair with 24 inch bathroom vanity

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Repair of bathroom with their hands to think in any case it is necessary: payment for work is at least 50% of the cost of materials, i.e., unauthorized repairs will cost at least half times cheaper, and repairs bathroom and toilet itself is expensive. But you need to approach the matter with full responsibility: the repair of toilets requires not only a thorough knowledge, but also quite a high level of mastery. Therefore, we must first calculate the cost of independent repair, then carefully study the suggestions of professionals and, if there is a master or a company willing to make repairs relatively inexpensive bathroom with your estimated costs, and then to contact them. In any event, preparations for repair prices start from the study use 24 inch bathroom vanity.

Prices and costs of materials for the repair of the 24 bathroom vanity must be chosen carefully. Apart from the usual parameters, it has a value of water absorption coefficient (bathroom – a room with high humidity), the temperature coefficient of expansion (in the bathroom frequent abrupt temperature changes) and porosity – it is important to the sanitary point of view. So count on a “if only cheaper” does not.

Focusing on these prices and knowing floor space, ceiling and walls in your bathroom, you can estimate how much it cost to repair 24 inch bathroom vanities with independent performance. When calculating the need to consider the following: You do not necessarily need all the materials here. Criteria for selection of a particular event specified in the description of further steps. All of these materials are equal in quality of the final result. The use of cheaper materials only complicates and delays the selection work. To fight waste and small tiles should be given to supply 3-5% of the piece: for example, out of 300 units in size. On the floor. We need to buy 310-315.

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If the repair is a small bathroom on the waste and the fight should be put 5-7%. Departure board materials evaluated in the preparation of the corresponding stage of works see.

Further sections

On the other materials (cement, sand, plaster, silicone, etc.) need to add to the resulting amount of 35-40%. Total time production work with his own hands will be at least 2 weeks for the bath and toilet and at least 2 months when replacing the floor screed. Prices for sanitary devices depend on your selection on the names and the producers.

Main aspects:

  • Focusing on prices is sure to ask potential contractors and not only the total cost of the work, but also their prices for some materials. Good master’s providers give a discount, prices will be lower store. If it comes out more, please refer to someone else: in front of you or grabbers, hacks, or clumsy
  • When choosing an option, consider custom stainless steel. Chrome-plated brass often more expensive, and other varieties are either very expensive (as, for example, with the optional) or no good quality. Also consider buying a variant of the mixer with an infrared sensor
  • It automatically turns on when presentation to him hand and gives the water a predetermined temperature. The device is not cheap, but the real economy is about 50% (half!) Of water and 35-40% of electricity at its rear.

As you can see, the recommended sequence of work is somewhat different from the traditional bathroom vanity 24 inch. Explanations follow hereafter; and we, before describing how to make repairs in the bathroom, to further clarify some important point: Warm humid bathroom – a favorable environment for microorganisms. Therefore, finishing methods are not treated like drywall on the crate: any blind cavity in the wall sooner or later become a breeding ground for infection. Bathroom on the risk of electric shock – premises especially dangerous: high humidity, high temperature, electrically conductive (wet in any type of coating) floor.

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24 bathroom vanities: ideas

Consequently, the question of the sockets and switches in the bathroom is no longer – is fraught with risk to life and considerable fine. How to get around this limitation, you formally not breaking the rules, and without putting their lives at risk, described in detail in another article; here we give only general guidelines. When planning work in the 24 bathroom vanities should be avoided use of conventional commercial timber, parts and fasteners from a simple steel with any surface, aluminum and other corrosive at constantly high humidity or actively absorbs moisture materials. In smaller houses it makes complete sense instead of the old bath set shower; possibly combined with a corner hip bath. In present-day prices for drinking water and hot water the inhabitants of budget accommodation soak in the bath do not often want to, but in a small bathroom at the same time freed space for washing machine.

Plumbing and design Where to start repair of the bathroom with his own hands? With the development of its design, and the design – with the selection of plumbing. We will not combine wit about the high and low fabrics from these stages depend largely on the complexity of the repair and the cost of it. For example: Washbasin greatly simplifies the laying of pipes, but requires for wall tiles increased smoothness and without relief, or from the stand under it will slowly unravel the dirt on the walls. Mixer installed on the bath, also simplifies working with pipes, but then need a separate washbasin.

Ways to use 24 bathroom vanity and sink

List all the nuances impossible, let alone the fact: in the same apartments of the same house about the same in the form of decorated bathrooms, one and the materials are from the same vendor for repair costs vary up to 20%. Taking into account the total value of the costs of such an expensive object, a bathroom, a considerable amount of leaves. So – we think, think, and pretend. We can also note that in a typical home built into the wall of the mixer, you cannot think, the possibility of this kind of luxury is laid on the building design stage.

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The model also houses caving niche under it inadmissible. Materials Pipes the only suitable material for pipes – polypropylene. Expensive and technical and economic indicators more suitable for the residential heating wiring or long pipelines with many bends. In the 24 inch bathroom vanity with sink, they were not there, but that’s laying in metal and plastic fittings for some time but will flow, propylene you can cook in the solid monolith, and without fear clap the walls. Article on using polypropylene pipes is available here.

As far as PVC or polyethylene, the pipes have the combined properties are suitable for cottages, prefabricated panel houses and other buildings of cheap short-lived. Steel pipes are still the cheapest, but it is known to rust from the inside, to work hard with them, and in a small apartment or private house all their cheapness comes to naught. Tip: selecting a pipe, caliper their outer diameter. Otherwise, it may be that instead of a single expensive diamond drills have to buy two.


About fittings for propylene is to talk separately. In the bathroom, even where access is difficult to open connections, fittings should be used only from solid plastic. Transition metal is permissible only when connected to consumers, such as the boiler. It is through such fittings can be assembled piece standpipes and put him out of sight without worrying about leaks.



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