6 Ideas from IKEA for comfort in the bathroom

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Interior bath rooms-this is an important process that should be approached with great responsibility. It affects how you’ll spend your relaxing treatments and just relax from the daily hustle and bustle. That is why it is very important that you have fulfilled the requirements of comfort and convenience, and then you want to come back to this room again and again. In addition to comfort, in any case, do not forget that the room should be stylish and functional. To achieve the second requirement is very easy, but experienced professionals can help you with this. One of the most important components of the room are furniture items and accessories.

All of the furnishings must integrate harmoniously with the overall color and style of the room solution. In Ikea catalogs you can find examples of finished interiors of small and large bathrooms. Looking at the decision of rooms small size, you can apply some of the techniques in his room. At IKEA stores you can find all the necessary accessories that will decorate your bathroom and add style to it, and harmony. And also, in the directories you will be able to choose a sink or textiles, among which may be curtains for the bathroom or mats for wet feet. If your interior is decorated in a neutral palette, you can use bright accessories to accents that will make your room even more expressive. If your room seems too boring, you can buy a mirror cabinets, which will decorate the bathroom and make it visually wider. It is recommended to buy additional cabinets with drawers, in which you can put all the necessary hygiene items. The IKEA catalog you will be able to compile a complete set of furniture for the bathroom, from the bathroom and finishing, cabinets and mirrors. With the help of the IKEA store, you can make the interior of your dreams.

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When you start to think about what your bathroom needs repair, then you must bear in mind that bathroom- this is the place where we spend a lot of free time. This room should always be fun. Even when you are in a hurry going to work or school. You can use some ideas from IKEA to make their stay in the bathroom even more enjoyable.

Ikea bathroom vanities. 6 ideas to improve functionality

  1. The use of hinged shelves. Ikea offers the kitchen hinged shelf with rails and carried her into the bathroom, so you can use it as a stand for a coffee while applying make-up (and very convenient to store toiletries in the caddy).
  1. Organizers establishment for lovers of literature. Revratite this room into a real library! Set a few organizers to store office supplies on the wall and keep it in their journals or notebook, in case you visit the smart idea that want to record.
  1. Option for music lovers. If you want to better the music, put your phone in an empty metal container – you will be surprised what the acoustics creates this capacity.
  1. The idea for extra comfort. Use kitchen rails for drying mats for hot yoga and storage accessories for meditation.
  1. The idea for the girls who love to care for themselves. With a couple of cases for storage of hairdressing supplies, which serve as holders for soap dispensers, easy to maintain the neatness of hairstyle. This idea shared with us a professional hairdresser. You can also set the bottom of the container for storing cables.
  1. Option for women. Put your feet on the shelf for a pedicure. By adding as few containers on the side, you can easily bring your legs in order.

Using these options, you are creators in the room a feeling of comfort and umirotverennosti. Thanks to IKEA, you can make any room a stylish and functionality requirements.

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The new IKEA catalog you can find a huge number of tiny pedestals with retractable drawers, shelves, small, narrow cabinets and compact plumbing. It will help to cope with the constant lack of space and space in the bathroom. For bathroom small room is simply irreplaceable ladder-stool from Bekvem series. In addition to the direct appointment of the stairs, on it will be very convenient to store bath accessories. It will help to save space in a small bathroom and a double cabinet with a mirrored surface. It perfectly fulfills two functions. Save space in the bathroom to help, and folding towel rack can be leaned against the wall, folded or removed at any time. A small bookcase with a special cut-tube easily takes place under the sink.

IKEA catalog will help to make more comfortable and spacious, not only the bathroom, but also the laundry room. Creative laundry baskets to help quickly and easily cope with the sort of dirty clothes. According to the dignity of this discovery will appreciate very busy people and parents with many children.

Bathroom vanities ikea. 4 ideas for bathroom design.

What are considered small bathrooms? Our readers have a lot of debate about this, citing the example of their tiny and quite uncomfortable sometimes toilets area 1-2 square meters.

And indeed, it is difficult to fit each space under the general rules and laws. All small bathrooms are small alike – they are difficult to deploy and difficult to come up with that place in them, for the reason that if you put a safe, no longer fit the washing machine.

IKEA company usually makes its furniture knowing that most of the population lives just in small apartments and enjoys a small bathroom. Therefore, among their products often can be found that will fit perfectly into our malogabaritki.


  1. Proper use of different places to store cosmetics and other things. Use translucent shelves, the best high or boxes of niches and departments for storage. And then there are special chairs with very high backs – they can not just sit and keep towels and clothes. But short corner shelves can be easily hidden under the sink, at the same time masking unsightly pipes. Another good option storage space in the bathroom – a tall, narrow cabinet under the ceiling. It breaks a lot of things, but it takes up little space. More desirable that the mirror was in its door.
  2. Correct installation of the shower in the room bathroom. We all know that she takes a bath in the bathroom very big place. So, save the most space possible by opting for a shower. Not that huge and unwieldy, which takes place over the bath and tiled and separated by a transparent glass door. And if you deny yourself in the shower because it can only be, resort to the Japanese tradition. These showers are always a small stool – for the elderly and those who are tired or fear of slipping.
  3. The use of mirrors to increase the space. Everyone has long known that the mirrors and reflective surfaces are able to visually increase the space and create optical illusions. Yes, hard to wash plenty of mirrors, but if we consider it insignificant price to pay for a little more comfortable life – a payment permissible.
  4. Proper use of accessories. If none of the proposed you do not like it, then just try to decorate your bathroom in bright colors. More than this it is perhaps not do, but can just cheer up households, and you will not be every morning to pay attention to too small size of bathrooms, and begin to enjoy the bright moments.



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