6 great bathroom tile remodel ideas

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By placing the heat exchanger water heaters are divided into internal and external. In the first case, the water tank has a special circuit or the coil generating heat that is located in the hot spot. These heaters are suitable for baths and houses with stove heating – heat exchanger is placed near the stove, you can easily get hot water without any cost. Heaters have internal heat exchanger with the heating element inside the water tank. The most common are electric models using anodes for heating, but there are other options.

Regardless of the type of heat exchanger, water heaters are divided into open and closed pressure free-flow system. A closed system is able to create pressure on the hot water outlet, thus allowing multiple users at once, while the advantages of such a free-flow do not have. Therefore, closed systems are more popular.

Bathroom tile remodel ideas to make heat source

According to a source of heat boilers are divided into electric and gas. Accordingly, if a home is not connected to the gas supply, then there is no such choice. But if access to natural gas is, it makes sense to think about choosing a gas water heater.

For gas benefits include efficiency and the ability to combine the hot water with heating at home. That is, the gas boiler will heat the water at the same time for both purposes. This allows you to have a constant amount of hot water, and do not think about it. In addition, shortages of gas supply occur much less frequently than with electricity. This is due to better protection of gas pipelines that run under the ground, while power lines are often torn in bad weather. The disadvantage can calculate the need for additional devices chimney or forced ventilation in the room with a gas boiler.

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According to the principle of heating

Depending on whether there is a storage tank or not, there are storage water heaters and instantaneous. While accumulating contain a large amount of hot water and heated at a rate of new spent instead, flow works only at the time when hot water is needed. The advantages and disadvantages of both types is not so much, but because of the specific flow is most often installed when a small hot water consumption and savings when using the shower in bathroom tile remodel.

Volume and Power

The required volume of the inner container depends on the amount of hot water consumed. If it is necessary for small hygiene – washing hands, washing, it is enough capacity for 10 – 15 liters. When connecting the kitchen sink the required amount of hot water increases to 30 – 40 liters, and the shower using the minimum amount should be not less than 60 liters per person. For example, statistics show that for a country house most commonly used boilers in volume 200 liters and more, as only the amount of hot water allow a comfortable family accommodation. Power parameter is important when using the electric boiler. In the process of water heating, water heater consumes tens of kilowatts, so you need to provide it when installing wiring. To avoid the possibility of occurrence of fire in bathroom remodel tile, it is necessary supply voltage and the allowable current strength of 15-20% of the heating power. That is, if he is in peak times consumes 10 kWh, the wiring must be rated for 12 kWh. Otherwise, it can start to melt or sparks.

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WC since its inception has become one of the most important plumbing fixtures; the toilet over the years acquired more and more new varieties. Materials of construction for toilets also vary. One of the most common is materials such as porcelain and faience. To distinguish the material from which the toilet bowl is not made easy, however, made of porcelain toilet bowl has in its structure and is less porous to 50 years, porcelain lasts from 30 to 40 years. Manufacturers are constantly improving the quality of san earthenware combining with high-quality glaze and occupy the leading position in materials for the manufacture of sanitary installations. In addition to pottery and porcelain bowls are made using steel, plastic, glass, cast iron or, on request, precious metals and stones in bathroom remodel ideas tile.

Type of release – an important characteristic of the modern toilet. The design of the toilet there are three types of release: vertical, straight, horizontal and oblique. As to the issue of drainage is connected, it is important to know which output from your sewer pipe. When the bell of the pipe sticking out of the floor, it is easier to connect the toilet to “direct the release.” For toilets with the release of “oblique” and “horizontal” best fit socket pipe coming out of the wall, so you can connect and emerging from the floor socket, using adapters.


The type of release may depend on the method of fastening the toilet bowl of small bathroom remodel ideas tile. Toilet with “Direct release” floor mounted bracket (special screws), toilet with “oblique” and “horizontal” issue, usually hanging, attached to the wall with the help of the installation, in which, additionally, is mounted cistern.



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