5 ways using bathroom design tool

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Focusing on natural materials or their imitation. Wood, marble, natural stone – like surface is the best fit in the modern bathroom. Simplicity does not dictate to us the lack of accessories as such. The original high-tech style decor definitely has to be just right!

Light, light, and once again the light! The lighting system adapts to space and environment.

Color as the basis of bathroom design tool

White color is in this season, at the peak of its popularity, more than ever relevant in the design of the bathroom. However, expert’s advice not to register with the operating style of the bathroom, on the other hand, if you have white color for the base, is sure to dilute it interesting bright highlights.

100% you are the fashion of the season-2016 – black and white design! Different combinations of these two basic colors are completely different to transform your bathroom design tools. For example, using black to design the floor and the bottom of the walls, and white – to the top of the walls and ceiling, you can create the effect of a higher ceiling.

Dilute with cold black and white range is possible by means of inserts made of wood and simulates it. Such a move will soften the strict design and make the space more comfortable.

Among the basic shades without losing popularity, we can distinguish shades of gray and beige. These colors do not go out of fashion and is unlikely over the years will annoy you.

For bright and rich accents in the interior of the 2016 meet such colors as:

  • Emerald;
  • Amber;
  • Pink;
  • Blue.

Do not be afraid of bold color combinations!

Finish: beauty and practicality

To denote the beginning of the main trends in the decoration of the bathroom design tools this season:

  • Natural materials or imitation;
  • The use of metal surfaces;
  • Combining the materials used in the decoration.
  • And now look at the possibility of implementing these ideas more closely.


Years go by, fashion trends change from season to season, and the bathroom decoration using tile remains. Yes, that’s right: the choice of tile – ceramic, ceramic granite or any other – remains a practical and stylish solution.

What are its advantages?

  • Practicality;
  • Durability;
  • Humidity;
  • Ease of purification;
  • The richness of textures and colors.

From unusual trends for bathroom layout design tool, bringing a new look to trim tiles can be distinguished:

  • Tiles with metal affect Shabby Man – this version looks very unusual and stylish;
  • Large light-colored tile – in combination with a dark floor tiles allows visually enlarge the dimensions of the bathroom;
  • Opt for wall cladding “Christmas tree” – will look particularly impressive combination of two similar tiles of flowers, creating a unique pattern;
  • A tile that mimics the tree (the dominant design in hi-2016 eco-style!);
  • Water-resistant decorative plaster with its inherent effect of the concrete surface;
  • Wood trim – through a variety of advanced water-repellent impregnation, wooden cladding successfully applied in the design of bathrooms.
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As we have already mentioned, an absolute trend in the decoration of bathrooms – a combination of decorative materials.

Interestingly look a combination of large tile mosaic. At the same time no one forces you to pick up the materials, as they say, “Tone in tone”. The choice of materials within the same range of colors or combined with each other colors – a great option!

Quite a budget option would be tiling a shower area, and the rest – the usual painted with waterproof paint.

Pay attention to the tiles in the style of patchwork. Trim her the bathroom is not necessary – in a couple of minutes of it you will start to ripple in the eyes, but to issue a similar way the shower area – a perfect solution that will definitely make your bathroom unique.


The floor finishing in the online bathroom design tool so it is better to stop the choice on a hot plate. The main difference – in the type of surface of the tile, flooring, it should be rough, it will significantly reduce the risk of injuries. Major trends in the choice of floor tiles in many respects similar to the requirements for the tile for walls.

In general, the floor tiles should be a few shades darker, but this rule is applicable if your bathroom walls are covered mostly monochrome patterned tiles with possible inclusions. One of the most interesting design decisions in question appears floor finishes pebble stone decoration. Firstly, such a choice of more than original. Second, natural materials at its peak. Thirdly, such finishes you provide a useful regular massage your feet.

Another interesting piece of advice: in the event that for the walls you are using a monochromatic light tile or paint a highlight in design can be made with the help of colorful and patterned floor tiles.


The most conservative element of modern bathroom design seems to ceiling. In this regard, all virtually inviolable and fundamental options of all three:

  • Tensile structures;
  • Suspension structures;
  • Painting.
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The main trend – smooth white ceiling. The use of suspended structures would make recessed lighting; a suspended ceiling with a glossy surface will help the tiny bathroom to become a little more. Most importantly – do not be lazy to ask about the susceptibility of the material parameters of the certificates finish to moisture, since this criterion – perhaps the principal in the choice of ceiling coverings.

Plumbing as a decor element

Modern design has long departed from the fact that everything should be, first of all, to perform its function, and beauty will follow. Designers create interesting concepts, unusual shapes – and it concerns, in particular, and plumbing.


Sinks in the modern bathrooms are able to take the most bizarre forms. It serves a popular solution, for example, the sink-bowl (round or oval). Designers often interspersed with interesting shapes shell dark tops.

Another popular option – one-piece sink-box, which is installed directly on the floor. This option is advantageous to look in the spacious bathroom. If the bathroom dimensions allow, put two identical symmetrical shell-boxes and place them on the same mirror. It’s easy to add a classic accent to a modern bathroom.

As in fashion minimalism, simple square and rectangular shell also quite popular. Severe forms emphasize the conciseness of minimalism, and will look very impressive!


The most popular solution of the season-2016 – Bath unusual shape. In this regard, the designer’s imagination is truly unlimited; you can find a variety of baths oval, round, square, trapezoidal and other shapes.

Especially lucky owners of spacious bathrooms – they certainly do not make a choice in favor of a standard rectangular baths, because unusual bath will cope with a central role in the interior.

Effectively will look large round or oval tub in the room with decoration, made in dark colors.

As in all other areas in the design of bathrooms reigns the principle of multifunctionality and modern manufacturers are striving to create a bath unique not only in appearance but also technically. Jacuzzi, hydro – one of the most frequently used functions.


Perhaps none of the elements of the bathroom does not have the variety of variation as a shower. Public and private, individual or combined with a bath – some only options not found in stores!

In general terms, showers can be divided into two basic types:

  • Shower cabin – is often a section of the wall (most often in the corner) and the floor, separated by a partition;
  • Shower – detached capsule with a built-in mixer and showerhead. Modern mental cabin include a number of useful and pleasant additions.
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Because the toilets are not different variety of functions, all, what you should pay attention when choosing – design.

As is the case with sinks and baths, modern designers offers to our attention model with geometric shapes – either with sharp corners, or, on the contrary, with too smooth, similar in shape to a circle.

Each bath – special design

Little suite 5 design rules

Trends of the season at hand rather small bathrooms the owners who wanted to hold them in repair. What is the advice to follow to get the most from the limited space of a small bathroom?

Use finishing in bright colors – white, gray, beige. Let them become the backdrop for bright specks decor.

If the monochrome finish seems you’re bored, we advise to put a bright upper part of the walls and the bottom and floor – darker. It will be interesting to finish, but it does not “eat” space. The glossy surface of the furniture in the bathroom – is another way to visually enlarge the space.

Mirror, and maybe more than one – this is something that will play a small bathroom on the arm.

Correctly put up lighting can completely transform the way your bathroom. Bathroom, despite the old-fashioned views, is an important area, which begins our every day. How to create a modern bathroom, the design of which is not only functional, but also beautiful, tell and show in our article.

Online bathroom design tool

Bathroom – the place where we start every day, whether it is work or a special, festive. For this reason, to design the bathroom should not be treated with disdain, justifying the lack of maintenance or design unsympathetic to the fact that the bathroom we spend little time. Of course, in comparison with a kitchen or living room, it is.

But do not forget that:

  • In the bathroom in the morning we finally wake up, and a pleasant interior will help us tune in a good way;


  • In the evenings, we wash off in the bathroom fatigue of the previous day;
  • As well as a beautiful moment of peace in a hot bath with foam, designed to relax and divert us from the worries.



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