5 ways use washbasin in rustic bathroom decor

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However, plumbing stores uncommon washbasins with other dimensional data. For example, for compact spaces, rustic bathroom décor are relevant model, the depth of which varies between 12-35 cm, and the length does not exceed half a meter.

To wash basin was convenient to every member of the family, should be guided by the recommendations of experts:

  • Check the desired size. Make it easy enough – coming close to the sink, to pull out the hand. If the outline of washbasins ended near the tips of the fingers or in the middle of the palm, so this models – the best choice.
  • The form. If a family has children, this point should be given special attention. In this case, there should be no sharp corners, bends – smooth edges – rounded. When under such conditions washbasin is safe for operation. It can also be attributed to the tabletop.
  • Height. Lean over the bowl and simulate habitual movements when washing. All movements should be free, not strongly bent back.
  • Mixer. Certain types of shells overhead impose their demands to install faucets. For example, for a large deep bowls with a mixer having a low spout, will not work. The best option – short or tall crane.

Installation Subtleties

A feature overhead sinks is that they were not set deep into the countertop, but directly at her. This installation requires carefully organize the gasket system of plumbing fixtures – it should be hidden. The options for this are several:

  • directly under the surface of the wall;
  • under the sink;
  • Indoor furniture.

As noted, some models do not have the overhead washbasin tap holes rustic bathroom decor. This requires the purchase of special equipment, which will install the crane on the hidden pattern and thus hide all communications.


The choice is determined by the means for washing the material from which the shell is made. It is necessary to take into account:

  • porosity,
  • inclined to absorb lime scale and dirt,
  • Whether to remain stains and spots.

Models of ceramics – the most undemanding in terms of care. Clean them by any means possible. Acrylic washstands, in contrast, are highly susceptible to the composition of the solution. Wash them can be extremely soft sponge soaked in detergent, having a gel texture. And no alcohol!

Glass surfaces are prone to sag and divorces. Therefore, they should be wiped dry after each use. We cannot allow the fall of heavy objects.

Wooden overhead sinks for bathrooms are treated with special compounds to the material can better withstand constant contact with water, toothpaste, and shaving. The treatment and care should be to avoid the use of cleaning products, which lead to the formation of scratches, violating the integrity of the protective coating.

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Marble sinks are cleaned only with special solutions designed for the care of natural stone. Only in this way will be able to avoid an even greater number of pores (what is by nature) and, accordingly, reduce the quality of the material.

It is very rare to find a bathroom, whose owners refused to install it in the sink. This solution brings a lot of discomfort, as washstands are very convenient to carry out basic hygiene procedures. Today’s manufacturers offer a wide range of sinks in all shapes and sizes. Among this diversity can be found even a mini-model, which manages to place even in the most cramped spaces. How can a modern wash basin in the bathroom and how to make the right choice?

Models washbasins

Fashion touched and plumbing, so hand washing basins design options a great variety today. Nevertheless, the demand for the classic shell is not reduced: their functionality and usability test of time, they fit well in the interior and do not attract too much attention. In addition, they are affordable. Trends model can be made in different shapes and materials for rustic bathroom decor. Often, in pursuit of a lost exclusivity practicality.


Wash “Tulip” – is a classic design, which can often be found in the bathroom of our compatriots. It consists of two parts: a shell and legs, which hides and siphon tube, as well as an additional support. It is thanks to these components such variation has received this name. It looks beautiful and elegant washstand, only to put it in a small bathroom is not quite appropriate, because the on-site stand could be placed locker for storage of various details. For bathrooms medium and large sizes such purchase is entirely justified, especially, is “tulip” relatively inexpensive.

Corner washbasin

The owners of small bathrooms while repairing puzzling problem saving space and corner sink is a great way to achieve this. As a rule, the space in the corner of the room is wasted, but because such a model makes it sink to fill it. Produced such bowls usually with support leg or compact porcelain screen, hiding communication. Standard sanitary device of this type is not something extraordinary in terms of design, but it will help to free some space.

Wash basin with pedestal

The most common is a column book-rests and functional option has broad functionality. Such decisions rather belong to rustic bathroom decor furniture. Bedside table is a great place to store a variety of accessories; it is a good mask siphon, and other communications. Washbasin column book-rests can be floor and wall. The second option is more convenient to carry out cleaning, as under the floor cabinet (except that the legs are provided for him), it is very difficult.

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Built-in wash basin

Option, which can be found very rarely. Apply it is usually lucky owners of a spacious bathroom, where the worktop present, easy to carry makeup and other procedures. Simply put, the wash basin on the basis of your device is similar to the kitchen sink. For him, the worktop cut whole size needed. A practical option is to choose such a sanitary product to combine washing machine and sink in one set. That is, the washbasin is placed above the washing machine, which thanks to this solution looks more harmoniously in the bathroom.

Mini models

For a very small bathroom, where every centimeter of its weight in gold, can be picked up by a tiny washbasin. Of course, the mixer is provided corresponding to the water pressure may not be large, but this model looks quite nice, and there is a saving of useful space. Typically such bowls have an angular structure, making them more compact.

Exclusive models

Designers do not get tired to please us with innovative solutions in a variety of configurations and shapes of the interior. Therefore, the modern consumer can choose a standard model, and something extraordinary. Here it should be noted only the fact that some products can eccentric often be inconvenient to install and uncomfortable to use in rustic bathroom decor. But there are also practical options, such as a wash basin in the form of an elongated petal. Despite the trivial white earthenware, such an installation is capable of becoming a real highlight of the interior.

Unusual curved shell also looks quite original. Although such models are impractical due to their interior acquires original appearance. Very unusual design may be suspended. Massive machines require more space than the standard model, but it is convenient to be placed in the bathroom large area.

The rational solution is double sinks, through which you cannot wait for their turn in the bathroom.

Variants of the combined hand washing basins, there are many: it may be delimited in two pallets or separated from each other to deepen.

Large wooden bowl – it is really an extraordinary accessory for bathroom design. These products are very unusual for our fellow citizens, but, nevertheless, a certain plumber used with success. Excellently looks washbasin, built-in niche. Especially convenient is the location for the rectangular models. Very unusual model – built in sink waterfall. This design has a certain complexity in the installation, but will create a unique interior bathroom.

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Materials for washbasins

The choice of materials of construction for the modern washstands is quite narrow. This can be a ceramic, glass or composites. Classics of the genre are precisely the ceramics, but it has one major drawback – the fragility and inability to experiment with a wide color gamut. But glass sinks can be made in any color scheme. Modern technologies allow giving them a glossy and matte appearance. Special treatment of the material to create a protection against mechanical damage. These shells can have very different shapes.

The use of composite materials and it is usually a symbiosis of polymers and granite chips, allows you to create strong washbasins. They look beautiful and resistant to damage rustic bathroom decor. Basically, these sinks are designed for integration into furniture. The disadvantage can be called, perhaps, their cost. Manufacturers provide a variety of options for hand washing basins made of artificial stone, so in this case there is always plenty to choose from.

The shape and dimensions

It has long ceased to be a rarity flat shell, however, cannot meet them often. More familiar to our eyes to see in the bathroom sinks in the form of round, oval or rectangular bowls. The principle of the installation price in this case is simple: the more complex the product configuration, the higher the cost, as the production technology is complicated. The size sinks typically range from 300 to 800 mm in width. It is believed that a broader product impractical. This size range is applicable for both rectangular and rounded to.

Tips for Choosing

No matter what kind of material was used for the manufacture of vending your shell, an important criterion for vending products you must serve the casting quality.


Defects can not only spoil the appearance of the model, but also to talk about the negligent attitude to the whole production. This cup can bring a lot of surprises at the further operation.

The ceramic washbasins are necessary to examine the quality of the casting in the siphon installation area, it is very important, because the curved die will cause a lot of problems with its further installation.

The shell must necessarily be overflow spout. If you are caught without overflow instance, better look for another option. A major role is also played by manufacturer: big-name company’s products are of high quality and reliability. And, most importantly, the acquisition must be like for you. You can consult with the designer or the workers who will have to make repairs, but keep in mind that the use of fixtures, they will not, and you.



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