5 ways making half bathroom remodel

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Modern world forbid you to buy a booth with black rear walls, so that looks good on the window of the store. Think of this as well as in the glass will look white lime smudges from our water, unless you are ready each time after taking a shower to wipe everything dry with a clean cloth. It is preferable to choose a matte white wall. Cab acrylic mostly white.

What is interesting, acrylic allows manufacturers to invent everything inside that their design you want. Cast seat with shelves, all kinds of internal curves – all this can be done in acrylic. Glass showers must pass quenching in half bathroom remodel. This is also necessary to give it strength and to ensure that it is crumbled into small pieces when broken. This is necessary because a simple glass can leave very dangerous shards when broken. Car doors often made from glass, color as well as in the rear wall is better to choose either transparent or opaque. Drawing on the glass to add to your bathroom some refinement and will attract the attention of visitors the way to the door with a pattern drops and stains will not be as noticeable. The inside of the glass is generally smooth, all delights, toning and haze made with the outer, less exposed to the water side.

The cab doors can have different ways of opening. They can be moved apart in different directions on the rollers or guides of any swing open the doors. If the bathroom small, it is preferable to sliding doors to swing open the doors because you need extra space. And if careless opening wing doors can be easily hit about something and break it. Pay special attention to the rollers, which rolled back the door. Cheap Chinese last you a relatively long time, but to find them in is very, very simple and not likely to need to wait when they are brought to you by order.

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Massage jets

Virtually every shower cabin in the back or side panel has jets. Their number can vary between 6 and more pieces. It may be just shower nozzle can be acupressure or “dust” sprayers; their choice depends on your preferences and desires. In some of the cabins there are different types of them simultaneously. What allows you to expand the functionality and make the per capita space more versatile? Whirlpool powered by water pressure in the water system. Note that these were either self-cleaning or a nozzle equipped with silicone nozzles which can be cleaned simply swiping your finger on them.

Upper removable shower and watering

Each cabin is necessarily present overhead shower. This could be a tropical rain or a large shower head, which allows enjoying the water flow from the top. Removable watering also is essential. It does not necessarily have to be big and rich, because we already have a good overhead shower and massage jets. However, it should be convenient to rinse the legs, back, those body sites. That is not so easy to clean under the overhead shower. Long hose must also be sufficient. It is best if the side watering can be mounted on a mobile stand, because sometimes you need to clean it up, so it does not interfere.

The steam generator

Many producers set in the steam half bathroom remodel. Certainly we believe that we will get a Finnish sauna is not necessary, because at 80 degrees on the wall and the cabin windows can be badly burned. In fact, the steam generator steam makes Turkish bath, in which the steam temperature does not exceed 50 degrees. “Turkish Bath” is serves many illnesses: colds, cardiovascular diseases, diseases of the musculoskeletal system and many others. Yes, and it’s just a very nice relaxing treatment. The steam generator is controlled by a control panel that is configured to ensure that the steam temperature in the cabin does not become very high and did not lead to burns or other negative consequences. Also cabin with steam generator equipped with special containers for herbal cosmetics. The steam that passes through them is saturated with aromas of herbs, essential oils or special medication. Thus cabin turns into a dispensary, where you can bath and relax and have a therapeutic inhalation procedure.

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Most often showers are equipped with music, lighting and some other options, but their presence personally think it is not so significant. Each decides you need it or not. However, acquiring the cockpit with all these options, you will get not just a place where you can comfortably take a shower, and a place where you can always relax after a hard day, cheer yourself up or cure the common cold starting. Thus with the help of the cab you once and forever change the face of the half bathroom remodel.

One word before choosing a shower enclosure you need to weigh the pros and cons, think several times, and only then make a choice! Take your time and do not save and then cabinet will delight you and serve faithfully for many years.



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