5 main features during the repair bathroom

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Tight bathroom is not the one where architects and designers took a bathroom too few square meters, and one where properly organized interior space. Even premises with a minimum number of “squares” you can repair after the new turn in a sample of advanced design ideas. The main thing – to get rid of the unnecessary. Consider the different options for the photo of bathroom design.

First, what you need to consider the interior to the bathroom was the small size of the room is much more spacious – remove all unnecessary. To continue, you must perform the following steps:

1.store cosmetics and other items are not where they actually place

2.keep on hand not only the right thing, but everything you could need

3.use the bath for other purposes

It is because of our lack of organization and because of the established childhood habits in the bathroom gets cosmetics, clothes washing, lots of bottles of shampoo or soap for the shower, when the only one, detergents and various cleaning products (their place – in a separate box or pantry).

Where should I store stuff in the bathroom?

  1. If you have a large amount of makeup, it is best to keep a cabinet that will close doors.
  2. Hair dryer and other appliances that produce heat, do not store in the bathroom. Use them when necessary.
  3. mops and other items intended for cleaning, store should be in the closet. Household chemicals, and should not be in sight.
  4. Get a wicker laundry basket, which will decorate the interior and hide dirty clothes.

Small bathroom vanity 5 ideas

For small bathrooms (and the former Soviet Union, almost all the houses in all the planned construction of bathrooms – very small) ideal for a modern minimalist design. Baroque, colorful ornaments and a large number of details will make the bathroom a little more closely. Ruffles, frills, flowers and intricate flourishes – this is not your option. In a small space, it is best to be clear lines of objects look and decor.

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Remember that wall mirror – a great option to expand the space visually. However, remember that in conditions of high humidity in the bathroom, the mirror will sweat. One of the main conditions of the stylish and contemporary bathroom design – a sterile cleanliness (walls, floors, glass and earthenware).

Another way to visually enlarge the space – to design the interior in bright colors with some bright accents. Do not get carried away with pure white. The completely white room is difficult to be long. In addition, the white tiles requires daily care and cleaning. It is better to choose a lighter shade of any color, and add to the bathroom or contrasting elements of the same color, but more saturated.

Be sure to pay attention to the fact that the interior design works the same rule as in the choice of clothing and various accessories. Horizontal stripes on the walls visually make the room wider, and the vertical “lift” ceiling.

And also bear in mind that the more details and accessories you leave in plain sight – the closer you will feel the room.

Bathroom vanities ideas for 2 type

Even if your bathroom is separate, one embodiment of the expansion of space is the union of two premises. So do not be sad if your bathroom apartment consists of 2 rooms.

2 options for combined bathroom:

The most common options for the layout combined bathroom:

1.basic – bathroom is located on the wide wall, the rest of the furniture is built along a more extended hand.

2.no corners – around the bath planned “niche” semi-circular shape. Some of the useful space “eaten”, but this is easily compensated for by placing a large mirror in the bathroom.

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Combined bathroom – uncomfortable decision if live in the apartment the whole family, including parents and children, grandparents. In this case, you can put a decorative screen that looks more attractive than the old oilcloth curtains, moreover, it is completely hidden in the closet after bathing the end, unlike curtains that create visual noise, even when retracted to the wall.

Corner bathtub – is the best solution between the rejection of the bath and the familiar oval-rectangular shape. It saves space in a small bathroom. And if your room is close to the shape of the square, corner bath can take the place of a standard “sister” in the standard layout.

Ideas for decoration corner bath

With the placement of the corner bath is much easier than with a rectangular layout of the room. Corner bathtub – a square or oval – to be in a corner, that its name implies.

Otherwise, the rules are exactly the same as when you make a bathroom with the standard oval bathtub. Furthermore, the angular bathroom must not necessarily be in the form of a square. Modern plumbing manufacturers offer a variety of configurations:

4 different design combined bathroom

1.oval (with a rounded edge)

2.square (with straight and clean lines)

3.round (not the best option for tight spaces, but it takes place)

  1. the curved shape (the edge of a bath complex shape, but you need to keep the right angle)

Bathroom vanity lighting 4 ideas for better coverage

Bathroom Lighting should be given special attention. Given that most bathroom has no natural light, you should be well on artificial.

To understand how much coverage you need in the bathroom, you have to answer yourself a few questions:

  1. How often do you take in the bathroom shower or bath?

2.How often do you bathe a small child in the room?

  1. How often do you do the laundry, using the washing machine?
  2. Are you taking a relaxing bath and spend it in a variety of treatments?
  1. Do you Apply makeup in the bathroom?
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You made a decision that will change the lighting, the more so because the room upgrade. But before you start to work, you should think carefully about which lamps and where you want to place the updated bathroom. It is understood that the lighting in a small bathroom to be materially different from the illumination spacious. However, any bathroom can be beautiful and comfortable. And if the interior of this intimate corner, you consider yourself, make sure to it that the individual elements, including lighting fixtures, fit harmoniously into the overall picture. Since the lighting should be not only decorative, but also functional, you need to mentally divide the bath into several zones, for which you need a different lighting. Core areas – four, and these include:

1.own bath (shower, hot tub or a simple shower tray), where you carry out water treatment

2.washbasin with mirror


Bathroom vanity mirror 3 ideas to increase the visual space

Mirror is also better to choose a wall and flat (without concomitant cabinet), but the maximum size. Ideal for a small bathroom is a full-length mirror. If you are not frightened by the prospect of laundering large mirror planes – can opt out of the mirror as the interior and make the mirror an entire wall.


Modern manufacturers of mirrors treated them with a special film which prevents fogging. Stand such mirrors are much more expensive “room”, but they have a long life. You may want to save some power for cleaning and means for household chemicals, and immediately purchase a mirror, which is prepared for high humidity.



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