5 ideas for easy bathroom remodel

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Increasingly popular in recent years gained modern showers, which are not only very convenient, but also allow the economical use of a modest area of the easy bathroom remodel. Glass partitions separating the shower make the interior airy and transparent.

When choosing a plumbing for a bathroom to avoid large and eye-catching models with intricate shapes. The most successful option would be the plumbing with a matte or shiny chrome surface, a simple cool design. Products made of white ceramic harmonize well with any color and texture of wall finishing material premises.

Accessories in the interior of a small bathroom

It is a mistake to believe that in a confined space bathroom accessories and decor items will be redundant. On the contrary, attention to detail of the interior will help to create a modest room a unique atmosphere.

Mirror – an essential piece of furniture bathroom, which not only performs the known function, but also serves as a great way to visually expand the space in an easy bathroom remodel. In order to achieve greater effect, in addition to the usual mirror above the sink in the room can be placed several mirrors, decorated in the same style.

Curtains covering the bath or shower, may also give the interior originality. It can either be combined with the colors of the interior, as well as act as bright original accessories.

A unique sense of freshness and cleanliness in the bathroom can help create indoor plants and fresh flowers. Also, unusual decoration of the bathroom can be a picture on the wall, the plot and the color that matches the style of the bathroom.

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Repair begins in a small bathroom in the first place with the desire to do something to change it or fix it. The first thing you need a good understanding of what you already have and on this basis to design a small bathroom. Repairs in the bathroom – this is not a quick and easy lesson, in spite of its small size, you have to invest a lot of work into it. Your small bathroom renovation will require less, if you will constantly monitor her condition and on time to eliminate minor problems. First of all, you need to assess the condition of the bathroom.

Similarly size of the bathroom, like the floor and the ceiling. Experience has shown that often these dimensions differ by a couple of centimeters. This is due to the fact that the walls are a little “overwhelmed” or rough interior.

  • Check the condition of pipes and plumbing, especially in inaccessible areas, you may need to be replaced;
  • Inspect the walls, floor and ceiling for the presence of mold, mildew. This applies to all corners and places where there is always damp. The fungus or mold always gives the damaged cover dark spots;
  • Inspect ventilation and her condition may require changing the opening to install the fan on the hood.

Only after a full assessment of the bathroom can really determine its condition. Step training is important because it is in the process of it, you determine what materials you fit, as well as compatibility and profitability of their use.

Preliminary work and recommendations

The first thing you need to free up the bathroom all unnecessary things and techniques. Remove and remove all items from the walls, free and open ventilation to the room to dry. Plumbing shoot better in the last instance, if you plan to replace it.

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After a short drying is required to process all the walls, especially the place in the easy bathroom remodel and around pipes antifungal composition, even if it is not there (for prevention). Even a small manifestation of a mold, as shown in the photo, can be a challenge. Remember, if in one place there is a fungus, it is necessary to process the entire room, or a parasite reappears.

With regard to the plumbing and connecting nodes, they should be replaced by more modern solutions, if they are more than five years or have small defects. Bidet – an optional thing, even for a large bathroom, but some can no longer do without it. Bidet is also suspended, but there is another option – to buy a toilet with bidet functions. The third option – to establish hygienic shower in the wall next to the toilet. Article on the subject: the replacement of the old towel dryer.

Properties of basic elements

To the interior of a small bathroom was the most modern and comfortable, the first thing you need to accurately and efficiently hide all the plumbing in the wall, then you need to take longer for the placement of all other elements. Plumbing and pipes – it is one of the biggest problems, so you need to apply the most modern solutions that are tested in practice and is fully justified. In order to hide all the communication, creating a framework of profiles or bars, and sheathe plasterboard. In the box is sure to hatch for access to the tap and counters.

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Premeditated arrangement of all elements of the bathroom – a pledge of comfort and convenience. It is better to decide in advance what you want to get away from it, what features you need.



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