5 Great ideas for bathroom decor

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In the morning every person begins with a visit to the bathroom. Here dull the interior is not the place! It is important that in such an important area reigned cozy atmosphere and harmony. This allows for the day positive emotions. It is for this reason special attention should be paid to the appearance of the premises. Of course, you can save yourself the trouble and seek the assistance of a professional designer, but actually decorate your own is not as difficult as it may seem. So, let’s talk about the bathroom decor.

How to decorate an old bathroom decor ideas?

Make more comfortable you can even the bathroom, which have not performed the repair. First and foremost, you must get rid of the things that spoil the interior of the premises. This old washcloths, boxes of powder, pumice, a lot of bubbles with shampoos, shower gels, etc. All this is better to hide in closed cabinets. If this is not possible, try to corner shelves and place all of these household items there. Get stylish containers that will pour in hygienic and cosmetic formulations. True, it is necessary to train the memory to remember where things are.

If you have the opportunity to purchase new furniture for the bathroom, it is best to buy wall-mounted cupboards or wash basin with cabinet, which you can hide all unnecessary. A great solution is to screen at the bathroom, thanks to which the empty space is idle turns into a small closet. An excellent solution for bathrooms is a unit as desired, up to the ceiling. There certainly fit all.

Another thing that greatly spoils the appearance of the premises, it is wear and faded shower curtain. In today’s stores you can buy stylish and beautiful curtain, which will not only perform its basic function, but also will be a real interior decoration. Make a well-chosen to help comfort mats and towels. The colors of towels, curtains and rugs should be combined with one another and contrast with the tiles in the bathroom decor ideas. It is advisable to choose bright colors, while the interior looks very interesting. More room tidy appearance acquire if all of hidden communication. You can use the built-in niches.

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The walls around the head usual bathroom decor ideas

Even the most beautiful brand new sink and toilet will look worse on a background of old, ugly walls. It is they who set the tone the entire interior. For this reason, you should not miss the opportunity to decorate the walls. This can be done in many ways. The easiest way, if you are in the stage of repair and only think through the future design. Before you open hundreds of opportunities for choice of tile and other materials for finishing. You can combine different materials to create their own designs.

If it is carried out on an old bathroom, when you want to update your room without Senna wall covering, in this case, you can apply the painting of tiles, as well as drawing on his decorative vinyl stickers.

Note that labels are now available in a wide variety, different stylish design and can significantly revitalize the interior of the bathroom. They are available in different styles, colors and sizes, so you can decorate as a single tile, and create a whole Mural.

An interesting option is painting bathroom ideas décor walls, which can be carried on any surface. Here, of course, there is one significant drawback: if you do not have the talent of the artist, you have to hire a professional, and such services are not cheap. But there is a plus: no dirt or dust, which could occur during a full repair. Alternatively, you can consider using a stencil.


Original and cost-effective solution is the partial replacement of the tiles. For example, to embed panels or decorative frieze ideas for bathroom decor. This work will not perform on their own, only with the help of a good master. Ceramic decor will look nice and enliven the interior.

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Decorating the floor in the bathroom

Visual perception boring tile is easy to change with simple methods and high-tech solutions. The first method is a pad, which has already been mentioned previously. It will not only help hide bored tiles, but also to make a bright spot, refreshing interior. Change the pads are much lighter than the tile. Floor inserts can be decorated, for example, to remove the tiles at the selected location and to replace it with glass. This can be done both at the stage of repair and in a finished tub. By insertion of glass can put anything, even light up inside. In this case, in principle, embodiments decorating floor end.

Accessories: such an important detail in decor ideas for bathrooms

Fill the bathroom pretty bagatelles – that’s the best way to decorate its interior. Beautiful, well-spaced soap dishes, interesting hooks, a mirror and proper lighting – all this visually enhances the space and makes the room more beautiful. Proper use of these small things can change the room beyond recognition. Pay particular attention to the mirrors, because they act not only as a functional element, but also have great ornamental value.

Effectively expands the space equipment shower doors. The mirror also can be decorated by the same labels, colored stones or shells.

Speaking of fittings or accessories, they are mainly used as beautiful additions. The main thing to remember, because it is about respecting the same style.

They should not be intrusive to understand, so do not make them the focus. Therefore, buy such products better prepared kits.

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Remember that in the interior of a bathrooms decor ideas is important to all, up to the toilet paper. Yes, gray rumpled roll can seriously spoil the overall impression and make a spoon of tar in a barrel of honey. Try to stick around harmony and do not abuse the decorative elements, otherwise the already small room visually transformed into a cramped closet.

When constructing sanitary facilities, many prefer the modern design of the bathroom. Such design makes a stylish bathroom, comfortable, easy to maintain order. In addition, such an interior will be relevant for years to come.

Literacy solutions for decor bathroom ideas

The modern design of the bathroom is used 5 important principles, following which will be able to get a relaxing atmosphere in a beautiful interior:

  • “Yes” – simple and minimalist features, “no” – pretentious decor.
  • Down with the usual arrangement of plumbing close to the walls, especially if the footage of the room allows.
  • Selection in favor of natural materials or simulation. The fashionable style favored wood and natural stone.
  • Restrained decor accessories borrowed from the style of hi-tech.
  • The abundance of light corresponding to the general concept of the interior.

Color palette

Welcomed the snow-white color, which is now in favor with designers. It should “revive” with the help of juicy unusual accents.

Rage becomes design in black and white tone. Variations on this theme are many, so it is easy to find a suitable design for the bathroom. For example, a low ceiling is much «older» if the floor and builds a high plinth in anthracite color, and wall and ceiling surface – in the shade of freshly fallen snow. Leveled black and white cold accents of natural wood or its imitation.


In the modern design of a bathroom used gray and beige tones. Their monochrome shades eliminate:

  • malachite,
  • lemon,
  • roses,
  • Blueness.



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