5 advises to make diy bathroom remodel

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Modern materials have long been widely used in interior decoration diy bathroom remodel. Made of wood lining the ceiling in the bathroom, create a beautiful and practical appearance. You can also use the panel on the basis of DSP. If you use natural wood finish will have to take care of the additional protection and treatment of wood, as this material is able to rapidly deteriorate from moisture without additional protection. For processing using lacquers and water-resistant glaze. When they are used no mold will not damage the tree. Lathing for cladding will need to perform from the rails, which are processed further in the production of antiseptic.

It is also important for the wooden ceiling is good ventilation in the bathroom remodel diy. When finishing the ceiling in the bathroom a tree to observe all of the above recommendations, you cannot worry about the durability and practicality. Another positive quality wood, that it is used for a long time to charge the energy and relaxation.

If you no longer practice the new developments and important fact for you are all fashion trends, the best solution would be suspended ceiling. Stretch ceilings – is a product characterized by its practicality and high strength. The basis on which such a ceiling is made very durable vinyl. By choosing to manufacture the ceiling in the bathroom tension option you can plunge into the world of diversity. Material for manufacturing offers a wide selection of colors and textures. It rips open space for fantasy design solutions. A variety of combinations used allows obtaining complex configurations.

Despite the fact that this coating is characterized by its lightness and thinness, it is different in strength and extraordinary emergency situations can hold the weight of about 100 liters of water. Material just sags under the weight. This option is the ceiling in diy bathroom remodeling would be a godsend for you, but if your neighbors forget to close the water or have fragile water supply. If it happened that you accidentally flooded, it is necessary to cause a brigade of workers who gently get rid of water by detaching one end, ceiling heat. After all of the operations will fix a ceiling in place. This ceiling is absolutely not being damaged and will take the former sizes. Such advantages of the ceiling in the bathroom, as the absence of condensate and water resistant, make it an excellent choice for any bathroom.

No less aesthetically pleasing look for the bathroom ceilings. It is made of false panels of different sets of options. Material panel performance also varied, but the most common options such as plasterboard, metal (aluminum), mineral fiber. Constructions are as tile and rack. If you plan to install the plumbing of the metal, the ceiling in the bathroom, it is better to make of aluminum panels.

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Glass shower perfect solution for the modern diy small bathroom remodel. Today I want to talk about the team a glass shower cabin. In this article I will talk about its merits, advantages and features of the device mounting.

Advantages of glass shower enclosure

Team Glass shower has plenty of advantages over the factory ready showers of plastic and acrylic. Team glass-enclosed shower looks more elegant and not cumbersome. This is achieved through minimal use of non-transparent design elements. Glass shower is completely transparent and does not share space bathroom.

The glass shower cubicle is very easy to enter into the interior of the bathroom. The main part of the construction of the shower make stained glass paintings, which can be decorated with paintings and various items made in the style of the entire bathroom. Also, in case of breakage, any element of the glass shower enclosure (glass sheet, tube, mount blades) can be replaced separately, without changing the whole shower enclosure completely.

The doors and walls of glass shower enclosure

Doors and glass shower partition made of high tempered glass 8.11 mm thick; this provides a shower resistance and therefore safety and reliability. The amount of glass partitions may be different. Depending on the design of the cabin walls and doors attach directly to the wall and the floor and ceiling. They are attached to each other and to the metal frame of the cab. The design of the door may attach to the wall and remodeling bathroom diy and shower partitions. Stainless steel frame provides shower cubicles glass stability and reliability in the event that the partition cannot be secured to the ceiling. The metal frame is a structure made of pipes and connectors, which is located directly above the glass paintings shower.

  • Doors can also be different. Standard glass-enclosed shower has a single door. Sometimes install two doors. Swing glass doors in the shower and open to the outside and inside the cabin, with the door closed state firmly fixed in the center, thanks to special hinges.
  • The glass shower set and sliding doors. This design is the shower a bit more complicated, but this design saves space in the bathroom. Sliding doors in a shower cubicle slide on the frame tube using system.
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Accessories for glass shower cabin

Any element of design glass shower enclosure is constantly in contact with water. Because of this, all the fittings glass shower enclosure is made of stainless steel or special brass alloy.

The frame of the glass shower enclosure consists of a tubular structure. Structure over each tube is glass cloth and shower interconnected and attached to the wall at different angles by means of connectors. These connectors are called connectors.

And because of this, it should be beautiful, comfortable and cozy. And this may help important bathroom accessories. To create maximum comfort you need to know exactly what you want the end result. If you decide to change the decor of bathroom remodeling diy, we advise you not to forget about the important element – the lighting – it should be a lot. It can be wall-mounted fixture, as well as the best shelf with a mirror to acquire already with built-in lights, which will be perfect to see him in the mirror. For example, must-have accessory for the bathroom acts bathroom. This is a very important element for humans. Since it helps a person to relax, take a shower.

It can be completely different sizes and, of course, with various details such as massage rollers or with the effect of a Jacuzzi. Of course, a large bathroom with a variety of improvements will cost is not cheap. You can also buy any bathroom color all depends on what will you do there tiles. But there are people who do not like to spend too much time in the bathroom and for their ideal shower that can perfectly fit into the interior of the room.

It can be any color, size. The main thing is to choose exactly what you would like. Of course, an integral part of any bathroom is a sink. It may be of any shape, size and color. A can also be a different decor in the form of floating fish, stone or banknotes lying on the bottom. There are many ways to fantasize. The bathroom cannot do without a mirror. It can act as an independent unit, but most often use the mirror with shelves. The mirror can be of different shapes and sizes, and you can often see the decorations on the mirror in the form of flowers or ornaments. Shelves are ideal for storing some of the things that allow you to create the bathroom order and comfort.

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It is clear that a single shelf with a mirror is not enough. Most used Corner shelves for storage, lockers under the sink, as well as woven baskets for dirty clothes. You can use the shelves in any color and size, as well as the different floors and decor. Everything will depend on what you have tiles in the bathroom and sizes. But if the bathroom small size, it is not worth it heavily overloaded with unnecessary accessories, so as not to occupy precious squares.

Nowadays plumbing market is diverse, so the repair of bathroom remodeling diy can be creative and do not repeat their neighbors, friends, when you select the different elements of sanitary ware, such as sinks. Consider some types of shells and their characteristics. Before you purchase a wash basin in the bathroom, you need to decide where it will be located faucet and pipes for the water supply and drain sewage and, building on this, pick the right product that can be made of ceramics and porcelain, and acrylic, granite and quartz sand. Porcelain more expensive type, since the cost of the material is more expensive, but it is durable and has a dense surface.

  • Also to its advantages is the fact that this type of material is resistant to the appearance of scratches and rust, less absorbs dirt and smells, special additives make a smooth surface that makes it easy to roll drops down. Also, they are made of stone, glass, wood, iron and stainless steel.
  • Made of steel and cast iron coated with enamel shell, resistant to temperature changes, but can enamel. They have different shapes, for example, shell-tulip (the most common type in our time) includes a bowl and stand, in which the embedded pipes water supply and sanitation. Mounted on it is like a wall, and the floor itself can stand as a separate item, as a one-piece cup. Sinks wall fix brackets mixer can be placed on the wall, and on the sink.
  • They may be monolithic with the worktop. They are made in different sizes, the design of such shells is very diverse, and large color gamut is obtained, thanks to modern materials (acrylic, granite, quartz sand), which also gives them and any shape.


You can experiment with the look of the room, choose an interesting plumbing, delight the wonderful options of furniture and accessories.



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