3 ways to make tiny bathroom remodel with

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Washbasins with corrosive started, they are considered among the most durable. They simply wash, but in use tiny bathroom remodel, they will request the accuracy, thereby, as well as a scratch, and not distant particles after hydrophytes operations will throw in a plane prints.

Marble sink in the style of the room little bathroom little room looked very convincing at the same time with this quite strong and weighty. As well as the well-known stone, not an inexpensive source, and in addition to this one will require continuous maintenance and accurate rotation, so as well as with-because of their own porosity able to infiltrate the water and collect dirt.

In the selection of the desired modification, the source and type of the sink – this is very not a set of conditions, with what is the need to proceed.

Here are a number of recommendations under this pretext:

  • The overall style of a sink should be obtained and the other appliances in the bathroom room.
  • Selection also is dependent from the interior of the building and sizes. For example, build in a small coal dispenser will fit into the design of a small bath.
  • The sink should have an opening for the purpose of the overflow water, which can help eliminate the flood in the housing;
  • When buying a mixer, thoroughly number of holes in a mute. Since different types of shells have a different set of holes for the purpose of construction of the mixer.

Among the most common clay instruments is considered to be 2-valve. These cranes are from 3 elements: stem gaskets and brass screws. More in general, in these systems the most basic means to order the laying. Next passes mover, drawing whose presence mistaken operation wears out immediately. This creates many difficulties thus eliminate leakage as well as possible the presence of only the change of the whole head of the mixer.

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After an earthen pads instead of rubber, like mixers showed itself as well as the source of a large stage of strength and durability. Special plane clay lining does not allow leakage among components and designed much longer the own predecessor. Rule exposure lying uncommon: a revolution in 1 from the edges of the hole connects the clay platelets, already, after which the water passes delivery. The presence of the turn in the opposite one side – whole plates among divorced, that overrides the influx of water.

The superiority of these pads in an extraordinary resistance to rust, high hardness level of the water and the provision of absolute density. A large-sized tile is not recommended.

Furniture and sanitary ware

The necessary minimum for any tiny bathroom remodel are: bathtub or shower, sink and toilet. Additional elements – a bidet, a washing machine and furniture. If you are a fan, try taking a bath, to save space, buy a product or a smaller version of the sedentary. It saves acrylic corner bath, it is one and a half times less than the standard cast iron or steel. If you take a bath twice a year, when sick, it may be worthwhile to think seriously about the shower, because you are setting her tremendously save space.

Especially economical corner shower, their size range starts with size 70×70 cm If the bath is very tiny, just use the shower enclosure with a waterproof curtain and sink are mounted directly on the floor -. Such techniques are often used in hotels.

If you set a hanging toilet, you can save about thirty centimeters of space. In addition, under it is very convenient to clean the floor.

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You need to know

Each bathroom has a riser, often designed in the form of pillars, overlaid with ceramic tiles. So, if you mount hanging toilet in the riser, you will not need extra space to install a suspended toilet.

Washing machine is now present in almost every home. And where is its place neither in the bathroom, where the noise level is minimal. On sale there are special washing machines, built-in under the sink. Sink them special, it is recommended to purchase both items together.

It may be advisable to choose for a tiny bathroom remodel ideas sink, but it is inconvenient to use, water is sprayed on the floor, so it is necessary to buy it as a last resort. Choose a standard sink, but not great. Good looking in small spaces, glass sinks. Even if it is rather large, it will not look bulky, the truth will have to wash it more often. The classic choice for a small bathroom – the usual sink tulip standard sizes.


If you just need lockers and additional storage space, and floor space for them there – Use the height of the room. There is an empty space above the toilet – to hang a couple of shelves, instead of the classic mirror over the sink buy a cabinet with mirrored doors. Remember that the use of space in height can be up to the ceiling. Now manufacturers of furniture for bathrooms release a myriad of compact furniture for bathrooms, hundreds of designers working on these objectives, with due diligence, you are sure to find the right for you.



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