15 tips for creating a bath of your dreams

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This article shows the most current trends in bathroom design. You immerse yourself in the wonderful world of the bathroom and you can make the room of your dreams.

The transformation of the bathroom into a quiet corner to relax

Any person in my life, one way or another, faced with all sorts of difficulties. Life – a complicated thing. Renowned psychiatrist Dr. M. Scott Peck said: “Life is made up of problems. We choose – to suffer or get rid of them. Even if we say that there are no problems, we are still confronted with them and, in the end, somehow react to them. We need to devote time to their problems: they recognize and resolve, using all available methods. ”

Often, when you are seriously thinking to resolve the backlog, we imagine the sound and sometimes their creative solution. Agree, sounds and mental stimuli to which our brain is accustomed to (we are talking about cell phones) do not allow us to relax in modern life and deeply reflect on the issues that we are concerned about. Today, people are aware of the need to find a place far from civilization, where we could relax, “recharge” cry.

Spa and hotels are classic examples of places to relax and “recharge.” Today, more and more spas are designed in homes. In the planning of a modern house there are places for relaxation as a shower room, a sauna, a jacuzzi and a hot tub. If you were offered a choice, you would certainly prefer to have a home not only to the sauna and shower, and a room for relaxation. According to statistics, more than 50% of new buildings in the US are equipped with a jacuzzi. Demand for spa equipment rose by 10% and continues to increase at a greater amount of interest.

Designing green walls. Modern bathroom vanity cabinets.

Living walls and cabinets  are quite rare in the interior of the house, but they look very impressive. Take, for example, Siol, is simply amazing. With Siol bathroom seemed alive and is like a paradise. This effect will be difficult to achieve using other technology. for living walls Care is primarily watering. You can use special systems watering potted plants, which provide the plant with water depending on the time of day or a level of soil moisture.

Proper installation of the soul

A peculiar element of luxury is a tradition to take a shower with a huge luxurious embedded monsoon, which is available as a standing shower. Currently, there is a tendency for originality and individuality. Money – no problem, most people prefer to have the original interiors with spa and shower rooms in which they will be pleased vozvaraschatsya. This trend is gaining popularity.

In recent years, people began to listen to the advice of Mark Twain, who said: “Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, stop and think.” You can alter this phrase in his own way: “Whenever you have an opportunity to express their individuality and escape from the herd, take advantage of it.”

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The style resembles the ocean

“Coastal” bathroom design style is increasingly gaining popularity in recent years. Collect the objects of natural origin, which are on the coast, such as stones, shells and driftwood, so that you will feel in the bathroom at the beach, remembering the warm summer days. You can use the mirror-fin, which can either buy or make your own, if you have free time, the ability and the opportunity to travel to the beach, where you will find the necessary materials for the manufacture of mirrors. You can do simple: buy a mirror in a conventional frame, take a walk on the beach, collect suitable driftwood pieces and glue them to the frame.

Also look shabby and chic at the same time the white spiny liner with recesses and accessories woven wood that will go well together.

The use of tiles in a mosaic style

You can not be too bold in its modern bathroom vanities project the bathroom to create an unusual mosaic, which is present in many of today’s magazines. Pattern mosaic is the trend of today. It would be good if you dilute a mosaic bit retro, but make sure that everything is properly used, because therein lies the problem tasteless designs made with retro mosaic.

The mosaic can be used in older type baths, but also in modern variations. Mosaic in modern bathroom vanity can be used almost anywhere. Bold, bright designs that utilize patterned mosaic and tile, no doubt, will be at the peak of popularity.

The use of natural materials in the interior

The use of natural materials – a trend that exists in any other field of design in contemporary magazines. Natural materials, in contrast to the above, as a rule, will always be at its peak. If you do repairs, pay attention to what the wood elements can be left in natural form or use in a slightly vosstavlennom able to spot or natural straw beeswax.

However, natural wood – it is not the best option. A good option is a natural stone, slate and other minerals. Of course, the material is required to be wear-resistant and durable, natural material but anyway will eventually come into disrepair. So before you follow all the new trends, pre-think about the practicality of the proposed solution is for your family.

The use of copper

If you aspire to closely follow the latest trends in design, you have already noticed, that now copper is very widespread. It is everywhere, in the design, architecture and landscape. The bathroom design is also dominated by copper and unusual copper pipes in particular. Copper baths which harmoniously look in the traditional interior, in the modern world are increasingly popular with the bold and daring designers. When equipping the bathroom in a style select fixtures, sinks and other accessories made of copper materials.

The Council specifically for Scandinavians: copper items that you store in your summer house, could become an indispensable accessory in your city apartment. The truth is you need to be careful not to turn your bath into a modern industrial room.

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Showers without frame

The trend of the last five years is the elegance and minimalism. A striking example – frameless shower. It’s simple – no rims, domes and guides. There is only what is necessary to ensure the structural integrity (chrome brackets). This design is suitable for people who appreciate the durability, versatility, and following the fashion. Embodying a design project, choose a thick 10 mm thick heavy glass panels, impact resistant handle and use zero silicone sealant to seal the bond.

Frameless showers are always popular, coveted and still attracts the attention of designers and manufacturers of shower enclosures.

Modern glamor in the interior

Glamour – is the embodiment of modernity and glamor krasoty.Gostinichny is now at the peak of popularity. Bathrooms glamorous hotel type are becoming more common in modern design projects. Why not? They look boldly, brazenly and defiantly.

Bathrooms hotel-type rooms are spacious and bright. Create the illusion of extra space using the large illuminated mirrors corridors. And if you differ a special courage, then you can use a mixture of styles. For example, the glamor can be used together with minimalism.

Walls with floral print

Bright and energetic – it composes two interior that we need as a support for our lives. Nothing else may not like people like bright flower decoration of the walls. This trend is not confined to the design of the bathroom, but also in the bedroom design, as you can see in many online publications. Bathroom design can look so bright that anyone who enters into a bathroom, rise mood, but one thing is certain: thanks to the floral walls any bathroom will benefit.

Following this trend, you should look bright and energetic face. If possible, apply artistic paint directly on the wall surface in order to create a truly fresh and unique look that will enliven your emotions and imagination.

The use of monochromatic color scheme. Modern bathroom vanity lighting

Simple monochrome – is another current trend in bathroom design in 2014. Monochrome in the bathroom – variations of the same color throughout the bathroom with a smooth polished and matt tiles in order to set off the modern fixtures. Scandinavians seem to do good – they eliminate clutter, using high-quality materials and tastefully decorated.

Monochrome in the bathroom vanities modern has become popular over the years and continues to be at the peak of popularity in fashion magazines.

Creating a stylish shower room

Bathroom vanity modern was in the spotlight for a long time and continues to be popular year after year, in spite of its already rather big “age”.

This is an expensive option, and it is not accessible to all. Those who buy the showers and thereby investing in their production, can be called “fans showers.” Design of “wet” rooms obviously adapted to modern trends that confirm many professional designers, use of modern bathroom vanity lights.

Toning natural wood flooring

This trend has little to do with the tendency to use natural materials, which have been TELL before. But tinted wooden floors its value with a good example. This trend is likely to be one of the most popular in this century, not only in the design of the bathroom, and the kitchen and other rooms.

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Ordinary long boards, as shown below, as well as square and rectangular tiles are used to create a toned wood floor. Use the same colors for cabinets and units in the bathroom.

The use of curves in the interior

The bathroom design of the last few years was dominated by straight lines, but in recent years things have changed: in the bathroom began to use curves and rounded edges. Curved lines are used on the walls, baths, sinks, mirrors, cabinets, shower enclosures.

Curves combines only with curved lines, so if you follow this trend, it is necessary to create a continuous curve in the bathroom. The use of curves will help you cram bulky cabinets with rounded edges in a narrow space, and the design of the bathroom will look harmonious and tasteful.

The use of natural stone. Marble and Onyx

Large natural slabs of marble and onyx, each of which is unique, you can create a bathroom that is not similar to other. Figure Venetian marble slabs is often used in other rooms, like those used in multi-colored plates bathroom. The larger the plate the better. This unique plate in the wall, Sway amazing natural beauty that was hidden from our eyes for a few million years.

Modern bathrooms – is a game of colors and shapes in the interior, materials and texture, a variety of plumbing and furniture, straight lines and geometric patterns, combinations of natural tones and textures. About how to choose the color, choose the floor tiles and sanitary ware, as well as new trends in bathroom design in a modern style, read on. Also for lovers of style like designers gathered many fashion solutions that will inspire you to new ideas and change.

Modern Bathroom Design 2015-2016 years is simple colors, natural materials and well thought-out details. The interior has become more minimalist, plumbing acquired simpler forms, tile – monotone surface. All the beauty of the interior carries over to the details, accents, combination of materials, textures.

Stylish interiors plumbing


Modern plumbing for the bathroom, compared with its predecessors, features a large convenience and originality of forms. In spite of this, to replace the traditional bathroom come shower corner. Gone are ready showers. Most often, a modern shower in the bathroom – it’s a small space trimmed with tile and glass fenced.

The modern design of the bathroom can not do without the suspended toilet. It is not only more beautiful than the traditional versions with tank, but also more convenient and hygienic in terms of cleaning the floor in the bathroom. In addition, this toilet will increase the area of the floor heating.



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