11 ways how to make the 72 inch bathroom vanity

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  1. Walls tiles over the old, wall panels. Some manufacturers to furnish the bathroom offer ultra-thin large-format tiles, which was originally designed for installation over the old tiles. If the walls are painted, the tiles are laid on once is unlikely to succeed. But nothing prevents partially close their wall panels.

  1. Laying floor grating teak. This “decoration” can be made to order – it will hide unpresentable look of the flooring, and stand on this floor barefoot – a real pleasure for 72 inch bathroom vanity.
  2. Make floor tiles over the old one. If the floor is flat, held tight, but simply wiped or tired – lay a new top. New tiles can be glued on top of the old and even lay underneath the system “warm floor”. Without replacing the screed finish this 72 inch bathroom vanities will cost much cheaper, and, of course, take a few times faster.

Sanitary engineering in 72 inch double sink bathroom vanity

  1. Please replace the faucets. Maybe it’s time to replace the faceless ‘modern’ tap on the retro-cute watering can with gates decorated with ceramic inserts, or design option with waterfall effect. If you choose these parts a few strokes in an appropriate style (fittings, hangers) – 72 inch double sink bathroom vanity sparkle with new colors.
  2. Remove sink and furniture around it. If you are willing to finance, together with the mixer, you can replace the entire wash unit: buy a new sink and cabinet under it. Replacing the faucet, mounted on the wall takes a couple of hours, but the effect will be like any of the new things. As for the furniture – imagine how to win your bathroom, if instead of plastic shelves it will be a wooden mini-rack. The space under the sink takes a roomy dresser. A narrow shelf with a mirror replaces elegant wall cabinet with mirror door. This will not only help get rid of extra little things to see, but also to close the unpresentable parts of the walls.
  3. Buy new coating bath enamel. Replace with a new bath, as a rule, complicated: most fonts walled up in the tile. Try at least to refresh the coating using liquid enamel (in person or by inviting a specialist).
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  1. Color bath on a side or outside. If you change the hue of the walls and the floor is too troublesome and costly for you, use the effect of a large local “spots” – change the color of sanitary ware. This is easily done with the help of aerosol paints – they dry quickly, besides their range allows you to simulate the effects of different textures. For example, give the surface appearance of coarse sand or aged copper. A more sophisticated version – to decorate the bath and painted tile with the help of water-resistant paints.

Accessories and Light

  1. Change lamp. If you are missing colors, a chandelier or sconces of stained glass without the cost of repainting and new tile will transform the look of 72 inch white bathroom vanity and create the right mood. Particularly strong work light design in the interior, where the bathroom decoration is solved in white. A less radical way – to replace conventional light bulb on color. Do not like it – just unscrew!
  2. Buy any large mirror. Elongated mirror on a smooth door panel or a round in a baroque frame instead become familiar rectangle above the sink sometimes enough to bathroom interior changed its character and proportions. The mirror can do wonders, changing notions of scale and style; particularly interesting results provide large-cloth with non-standard forms.
  3. Change shutter. Become familiar motley ornaments and flowers on the plastic curtain are not difficult to replace with something more sophisticated, for example, on a bilateral textile shade. Such models are more expensive, but look different: for example, from the outside, it may consist of jeweler or lace cloth textiles, but with internal – of water-resistant material. Adding a smart pickup, changing the bar of plastic or stainless steel to, say, tinted bronze – and the bath is transformed!
  4. Select cute little things. For example, instead of boring plastic containers using woven baskets made of natural vines. They will give the 72 inch bathroom vanity without top a fashionable nowadays eco logical character.
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Traditionally, the walls and floors in rooms where there are devices that are connected to the water supply and sanitation are finished with ceramic tiles. There are no special requirements to the tile for the bathroom does not exist, but it is worth considering some general guidelines. It is not necessary to use large size tiles at small sizes bathrooms: 20×30 cm and 30×30 cm wall to floor – is quite enough. If you still want to use a large, carefully contemplate the insertion of smaller tiles – so you get a more aesthetic appearance. Colors make better use of warm, bright colors. Tile adhesive can be applied either, but save on the adhesive is not necessary. Even if you have purchased an inexpensive tile for the 72 inch single sink bathroom vanity renovation, glue need to buy high-quality, well-known companies of production.

Make better repair by yourself!

By the number of tiles must be purchased at the rate of squaring the surface to be lined, plus 5-7% of the stock in the cutting and the occasional fight. Buy a rate of 3.5-4 kg per m2. The total calculation principle tiles can take a little more glue – a little less. Drop off a bag of glue is not a problem, but if not enough at least a pair of tiles, not the fact that will pick up exactly the same. Some companies provide an opportunity to learn how to pick up the tiles through the Internet; will be determined with the layout, etc.

Before facing the wall must be leveled. To do this, suitable finished plastering compositions based on cement. You can also use self-made plaster, which sieved and washed sand mixed with cement grade 400 in a ratio of 4: 1. Water to dissolve the need to take about the same as cement, to obtain the consistency of thick cream. To improve the ductility can be added to a solution of PVA emulsion (10% water content). Walls can be aligned not only with the help of plaster and plasterboard lining. In this case, you need to purchase water-resistant sheets and do not forget a waterproof mastic to protect against moisture gypsum filler, where the protective layer is damaged (usually in places cutting the sheet edge and stripping).

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Great bathroom is ready!

Depending on the principle of the planned finishing the 72 inch single sink bathroom vanity with their hands, purchased metal frame profiles for devices or adhesive bonding. List of materials for finishing the ceiling is low, as well as a list of possible finishes – is facing the ceiling or painting. For staining the ceiling need water-resistant acrylic or oil paint, putty (acrylic or cement-based), as well as a primer. True, there is a little trick. To pair the individual pieces of lining you can use the n-shaped profile, you only need to choose the right tone and mark the dock so that the pieces were symmetrical. If done carefully, it evolved transverse seams give the ceiling more attractive.


There are other types of plastic ceilings (e.g., stretch), however, perform their device on their own, we would not recommend. If you are planning a low-cost repair of the bathroom with his hands, hardly expect to purchase expensive, specialized devices and tools for installation of suspended ceilings. Beautiful and original 72 inch single sink bathroom vanity is guaranteed if you make all in great and excellent style, if will use all rules by this article.



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