10 visually increase the space in the cheap bathroom remodel

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Important role in the design of the bathroom can play and increase the visual space that will hide its small size and will give more comfort. This effect can be achieved by means of:

  • Combining mosaic and tiles: give the effect of zoning and increase the visual space. The area where the shower or bath will look good if the issue of its tiles, but the space where the sink, toilet and various shelves – are made mosaics. The main thing when choosing decorative materials to avoid dark shades. Unobtrusive frieze in bright colors is best suited for small bathrooms;
  • Supply of light in the room plays an important role in its interior. Electric light bulb always makes room visually larger, while one lamp illuminated, not all objects evenly space trims. In the selection of luminaires special attention should be paid to their ability to work in high humidity;

Installation of the washing machine

Washing machine in the bathroom takes a lot of space. A good option will install it in the kitchen. Still, if the decision was made for the bathroom, you can use several options:

  • In the case where a small family, the technique can be purchased small size – see 46h45 3 kg laundry;
  • By selecting a flat sink and connecting it higher than normal, the unit will fit perfectly underneath;

Harmoniously will look a washing machine installed next to the sink and connected to it a table top and complement the design of the mirror, placed on top. There is also the option to install a washing machine under the sink. In case even these examples do not help to enter the interior of the washing machine in the bathroom, you need to try to free up more space for her. This can be achieved by replacing the bath (which occupies half the space) in the shower, which is much more compact. Additional storage space should be enough not only for the machine, but also for the container that will contain the dirty laundry, as well as for various lockers.

Recommendations regarding the selection of shower enclosures

Shower significantly saves space in the cheap bathroom remodel ideas. But which model is preferable to opt for a small room? The most compact model is considered cabinet with doors that open inward. But these models have a minus for those people who are overweight are present. With this selection of first pay attention to the pan itself. It was from him depends the future size of the shower cubicle. The smallest size is considered to be a pallet 70×70 cm. But, as a rule, special functionality it is different. If you still find a place for the pallet with the dimensions of 90×90 cm, the owners will be able to support themselves by the presence of the sauna, hydro massage, foot massage, programming water temperature setting and other amenities.

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Pallets can be not only different in manufacturing material (wood, steel, plastic), but in the recess. And putting a shower stall on a pedestal, you can save space for communication. When you create a design solution for a small bathroom should not forget the main rule: the more room built pieces of furniture, the more free space remains.

Think of how to decorate the design of a cheap bathroom remodel ideas for small bathrooms- a problem faced by all owners of small apartments. This room should be functional and pleasing to the eye. In this article you will find useful information on how to equip a small bathroom, visually expand the space, and make it original.

Cheap bathroom remodel ideas for small bathrooms- advice of professional designers.

Think of how to decorate the design of a small bathroom – a problem faced by all owners of small apartments. This room should be functional and pleasing to the eye. In this article you will find useful information on how to equip a small bathroom, visually expand the space, and make it original.

Tips to design a small bathroom without a toilet will be useful to you if in the flat separate bathroom.

The main advantage of this plan is the division of functions. The main drawback – a very small area.

First, define the interior, without which it will not do our room. This wash basin, bath and washing machine. Unnecessary items (water pipes) must be hidden behind the panel.

A perfect solution for saving space becomes a corner acrylic bath. It is characterized by:

  • A high level of heat savings – water cools more slowly than steel or even iron.
  • Light weight – there are no difficulties in transportation, installation.
  • High strength – do not crack, do not break, there is the enamel coating and consequently there are no problems with departure of enamel.
  • A variety of shapes and sizes – the main advantage of the bath for a small room. You can choose the shape, size, convenient for your room.

This makes this type of plumbing is indispensable for small spaces.

Special wall mount cabinets will also expand the space. Suspended shelf above the sink – a great place for toothpaste and brushes, deodorants, creams, shaving accessories. It is also possible and locker under washbasin.

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Another place to store the necessary things wills drawers under the bath or screen with sliding doors. Original design solutions will screen decoration and all other lockers respectively overall style of the room.

A remodel bathroom cheap with WC

To design a small bathroom, room with WC, it is important to correctly place all the plumbing, and furniture. Space saving is a selection of small sized toilet. To reduce the noise level acquired by the water in the cistern technical cabinet. This will give the aesthetics, to visually increase the room. At the same time we should not forget about the distance between the wall and the toilet. By the standards it is not less than 15-25 cm. When planning the interior space remains, in addition to the toilet, you can install a bidet.

Washing machines are usually placed in another room; in order to save some space, if it is not, then you should try to choose the best option of this type of household appliance.

Better if it will be with vertical load, then the door in the open position will not take the extra 20-25 cm.

Today, manufacturers offer special innovative plumbing is small on floor space: wall mount toilet, bidet, cupboards of various shapes and sizes that can be set in a small bathroom. It is not only visually expanding space, but also facilitates the cleaning of the room.

A bathroom remodel cheap with shower.

Last time doing repairs, the owners of small apartments abandon baths, installing shower. Thus, we make room, for example a washing machine, bidet, and additional locker or just make the room more spacious.

Creating the design of bathroom remodel cheap with shower, cannot be mistaken with a choice. So let’s look at all the models of this type of sanitary ware, suitable for small spaces.

There are three options for placing the soul:

  • Bailiff – cabin occupies the entire wall as a bath.
  • Freestanding – is not feasible under the conditions of the standard layout.
  • Corner – a significant savings of space, so the best solution for a small bathroom.
  • Now choose for yourself what you prefer a shower: with or without tray.

In the booth, without the pallet, the floor is laid out just the same tiles that visually expand the space of a small room. Plus the deep pan – functionality. It can be used as an alternative to baths for soaking, washing clothes or bathing children.

For small rooms the best option is a shower with sliding doors on a roller mechanism. Fat people should not choose a cabin with doors opening inward. For them, the best option would be to shower doors, “accordion”, it will be more ergonomic. Shower walls made of clear glass are inconvenient in daily life. They are clearly visible soap stains, traces of drops. Therefore preferable to choose showers walls, which are made of glass with a matte or textured surface?

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The range of shops large selection of cabins of various sizes, from simple to complex with many extra features. For the layout of the old houses where there is no room to install the bath, typical of small apartments, where every square meter is valuable, install the shower was the best option.

Showers always been popular because of these useful “facilities” saves space in the bathroom and the amount of water consumed, because in order to gain a bath, the water takes much longer. In addition, you can take a shower in just a few minutes, but to get out of the bath in such a short time is unlikely to succeed.

Thus, the design of cheapest bathroom remodel with a shower deserves special attention, because it is the correct location of all components ensures maximum comfort and convenience of being in the bathroom.

If you do repairs in the bathroom, the shower installation can greatly diversify your life and make it more harmonious atmosphere in the room.

Shower in bathroom design

Fitted bathroom occurs in several stages, so the design of the bathroom with a shower should think through in advance, and all the details must be respected and taken into account, because the room should be as landscaped for relaxation under the shower.

The advantages of the shower are enough. Here are the most important ones: saving usable area, water saving costs, more functionality, there is no risk of injury, because the floor is made of non-slip materials.

If you have decided to diversify the bathroom using the shower, so decide what kind of cabin will suit you the most. In the case where you have a small bathroom and the shower cannot be too large, because almost no room to move and the room will be rather difficult in a different form in the room.


Today, shower can be of various shapes and sizes, and therefore the interior can vary drastically.

Design cheapest bathroom remodel with showers can also be very different, because the cabin is presented for sale a variety models: round, angular, five walls.



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