10 new ideas for bathroom shower designs

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Shower for the house – a great invention. This is what you need for a bathroom shower designs. Models such set of cabins, we are most suitable corner or the simple but compact. Fortunately, in the sale of their weight.

Shower provides the following benefits:

  • Space saving;
  • Water savings (while taking her soul consumed less);
  • Comfortable washing process (especially if the model is a function of hydro massage);
  • Modern, stylish look bathroom.

Replacing the bath shower, we can find a place for the washing machine and for some a small cabinet. However, I want to warn all fans and make clutter!

Even the most spacious bathroom shower tile designs you can clutter, it seems. In a small room that risk increases many times. It is not necessary in every corner something to put. Better we put into the bathroom only the most necessary. And only then it will look more spacious, and come into it will be much nicer. The only disadvantage of this solution – the lack of space for bathing small children. Here you have two options:

  • Or put on the bottom of a small bath cabin;
  • Or wait until the kids grow up.

Another siding – a bath with shower, they are ideal for a large family in which there are also fans of the soul, and a bath. But putting it in a small room, we do not save space. Although, in general, a combined version is very convenient. The decision on the expediency of all this should be taken individually. And this time we have to choose between comfort and spaciousness.


Option One

Change the plumbing. Choosing a toilet, sink and bath square shape. Conch is desirable to find a long top, passing to the small bathroom designs with shower. It is possible to arrange all the hygiene and other necessary stuff. Mirrors above the bath and sink are also desirable to hang a square. Ceiling trim Pinion aluminum panels. The floor and walls lay mosaic tiles.

Option two

Set the bowl with fastening in the wall, select a flat shell complete with a washing machine, and above them hang a large mirror. Bath replaces a corner shower cubicle, between it and the wall was a narrow high bookcase. The wall next to the door is left free; there it is possible to put only a small laundry basket. The walls and ceiling are covered with decorative plaster offer pastel colors, tiled floors and a contrasting shade. Ideas combined bathroom design in the bathroom can be a lot. Fortunately, now there are all of the materials for the realization of any dream.

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Walk in shower designs for small bathrooms  in a private house

When designing a bathroom in your home, you can plan in advance where to put the furniture and sanitary ware. There are no restrictions of an apartment building. If the house is wooden, the walls and ceiling can sheathe water-resistant wooden lath. Room is best to cover the usual tiles to match the wood. Well, if the bathroom has a window in a small room, it increases the space perfectly. It can be an original way to decorate Roman blinds or roll. This will add comfort bathroom, which at times seems to be “cold” and moist. Private house is good because it repairs can be done to alter forever: the neighbors cannot hear anything. However, it would be desirable to repair quality to all interior elements have served for many years, until bored. To do this, you need only use reliable materials and follow our advice.

Bathroom shower design is rarely limited solely too sanitary. One way or another, but you definitely need furniture in the bathroom. General recommendations on the selection of bathroom furniture

Bathroom – the most intimate room in the entire apartment, because even in the bedroom, you certainly are with their loved ones, but all the bathrooms procedures adopted to produce alone. That is why a bathroom should be comfortable that the process of self-care brought joy, not irritation and difficulty.

It so happened that the bathroom first of all, is not very big (spacious rooms boast only the owners of private houses, huge apartments in new buildings or combined apartments), and secondly, a place to store things not only for personal hygiene, and home (meaning household chemicals on the housing for maintenance). Good or bad – not for us to judge, but to take into account is necessary.

Despite the requirement that you personally bring to the furniture in the bathroom, you can select the required minimum that must be present:

Furniture in the bathroom should be designed for the aggressive influence of wet environment and be moisture-resistant. Bath furniture should be functional, to even the most tiny and tiny bathroom is compact and is available to store all the necessary things. Bathroom Furniture should be easy to clean and easily cleaned, otherwise it will multiply on the surface of the mold is not only spoil the appearance of the furniture, but also harm your health.

Bath furniture should be stylish and beautiful to delight you and your loved ones. Being among the ugly interior is not recommended, as this depends on your mood and psychological health.

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Small bathroom designs with shower only by wood

Bathroom furniture made of wood – the traditional option, since time immemorial home furnishings are made entirely of this material. Wood furniture will give your bathroom the charm of genuineness, naturalness, harmony. Furniture made of wood can be painted, but modern interior designers prefer the natural appearance of wood. The most commonly used light wood:

  • Birch
  • Ash
  • Maple
  • But you can choose a darker wood (cherry, walnut) and make furniture to order.

Bathroom furniture made of wood rooms has to be specially treated and impregnated with moisture repellent compositions. Otherwise, it will become worthless in a few years.

Of metal

Furniture made of metal is perfect for creating an interior in the bathroom in style hi-tech or minimalism. And if you use a stylish wrought iron shelves, you get a great ensemble of furniture in the style of Provence, or country. In any case, metal furniture is strong enough, and modern metalworking processes allow it to last for a long time.

Note that the metal housing of a rather painful bump so tries to choose metal furniture streamlined forms and position it so that the probability of collision and the impact has been minimal. From glass

Glass bathroom furniture – incredibly stylish. Similar to the frozen water surface, it is as if the continuation of water streams, which are specially stiffened for your comfort and relaxation. Glass furniture makes the whole bathroom seemed weightless, and glares, distributed over its surface, and a bizarre play of light each time allows to perceive it in a different way, especially. In addition, this furniture will be perfectly combined with a shower, creating a harmonious ensemble.

At first glance it may seem that the glass furniture is fragile and insecure, but modern manufacturers use it to create a cutting-edge tempered glass, which is almost impossible to break.

The only significant disadvantage of glass furniture is a need for special care for her. Since the water on glass surfaces is a lot of lime, water is better to wipe with a dry cloth regularly. And to the glass and had more brilliant in every sense of the form, during the harvest, use special products for glass care.

Personal hygiene is not always wanted to flaunt. Therefore, lockers, where these items will be stored, it is better to choose from a matte or opaque glass.

Plastic furniture – very convenient from the point of view of cleaning. This furniture does not deteriorate from exposure to water for a long time and maintains its appearance. In addition, compared with other materials of furniture, it is sufficient reasonable price. However, plastic furniture may not look very comfortable and smart, and sometimes at all – associated with the hospital toilets. In addition, if the need to make additional holes in the cabinet with a sink pipe with plastic this will make it more difficult than, for example, with wooden furniture.

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Identifying with the style of bathroom furniture

Classic bathroom shower tile design

Classic style in the interior – the top of sophistication and elegance. A special feature of the classical style is that it does not go out of fashion over the years. Even after twenty years, your bathroom will look even if not trendy and mod, but true (except plumbing is better to change to a new one). Appropriate to give preference to natural pastel shades in the classic style of the interior for bathroom – beige, sand, olive, gray, blue. Tile for the bathroom in this style should be bright enough, but the furniture, you can choose darker.

The combination of incompatible – that it is a key leitmotif style. As part of this style just need to use a variety of textures, textured materials, saturated color palettes. This style is likely to appeal to free, creative, expressive personalities. In the online stores you can pick up the most vivid, unusual, stylish building materials for decorating your bathroom.


This style originated in Western Europe at the beginning of the last century, when mass migrants from rural areas and villages settled in urban dwellings as close to their native homes. Gradually this style came into fashion and today is one of the most popular (especially in the manufacture of kitchen furniture). Country Style involves only natural materials:

  • Tree
  • A rock
  • Wrought iron

To create an interior in country style in the bathroom purchase stylized beginning of the last century plumbing brass.



Ethnic style in many ways echoes the style of the country, but its distinguishing feature – a stylized certain national home inherent in this or that nation. The basis can be chosen, Japanese, Arabic, cowboy, Indian or other motives. Stylized ethnic furniture for the bathroom to find it is not always easy, so it is best to do the ethnic closet for a bathroom or a container for a bath on the individual sizes on request.



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