10 ideas use sink in country bathroom decor

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Sink with cupboard in the bathroom – the aesthetics and space-saving in the country bathroom decor. Bathroom is used for personal hygiene. The room should be provided for the storage of household chemicals, soap, shampoo, towels and other things. If the area is small, the installation of a full cabinet is not possible. The best solution would be a wash basin, combined with the pedestal. Multi-functional piece of furniture will fit perfectly on any bathroom space.

Choosing a sink, complete with a bedside table, it should be taken into account:

  • styling of the bathroom;
  • The size of things.
  • Bedside tables are used not only to store the necessary things. Another goal – to hide unsightly plumbing pipes.
  • The variety of species

By mounting the type of release such variants of shells, combined with pedestal:

  • Cantilevered

It is a suspended washbasin, the installation of which is made directly on the wall. Examples of such models are corner sinks. Ease of operation is that they occupy little space. This makes them a winning solution for small bathrooms. On the other hand, the design does not allow hiding communication system. This sink is placed on a pedestal, which hides the tubes. Its name derives from the construction of the similarity of the same flower.

  • Integrated washing

Wash basin, usually supplied with the countertop or built directly into the cabinet country bathroom decor. The consumer receives a design that not only hides the communication, but also provides a place to store the necessary things in the bathroom. Ease of design and still countertop width that provides additional space for personal hygiene.

  • Variety of sinks with a bedside table

Integrated shells, which are combined with a curbstone, enjoy great popularity because of their practicality and functionality.

On the basis of the design features, there are five basic models with pedestal sinks:

  • corner furniture;
  • hanging wash;
  • outdoor sink, combined with a pedestal;
  • sink, built-in design on the legs;
  • Console socket.

Suspended models

They are easy to build in a small area in the bathroom. Reliability is achieved by intensive housing. Choosing such washing should be confident in the strength of the walls, as well as their roughness.

Equipped with two doors with pedestal sinks suspended type are very convenient. The shelves have a special notch that fit into the tube. Easy to attach to design glass or mirrored doors.

Corner sinks

This type of sync with cupboard – the best choice for small bathrooms. They allow you to minimize the consumption of usable area of the country bathroom decor, perfectly hide communication and organize quite roomy storage of household items.

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Cabinet’s corner design can be of two types:

  • outdoor;
  • Suspension.

The first version is easier to install, the installation is available even laymen. But overhead console must be installed by those who have certain skills.

Sinks with consoles on legs

This washbasin requires no additional attachment that allows you to not only install but also free to move it across the bathroom. This fact makes it easy to clean, does not accumulate dirt. To prevent scratches on the floor covering, it is better to give preference to models having special silicone pads on the legs.

Models with cap

Tables of this type are very easy to install, not only, but also to collect. Furthermore, there is no need for additional fasteners. Mounts a washbasin directly onto the floor, which prevents the penetration of dirt under it.

What materials are used for sinks?

Sinks with closet for the bathroom are made of such materials:

  • porcelain;
  • a rock;
  • faience;
  • Concrete block (as filler in acrylic surface).
  • Sami cabinets are made of plastics, wood, chipboard, glass.


Pottery – a budget option. It is important to remember that this is a very porous material, which requires the user to take good care of the sink surface. This porcelain sink differ from models made of porcelain, which is the surface more resistant to dirt, does not require any effort when cleaning.


Marble pattern – a solid choice, but it is extremely expensive. It should also be borne in mind that for such a basin should not choose light cabinets. The base should be strong and reliable.


As for glass hand washing basins, many consider them to be impractical because of the high risk of damage. However, this is a big mistake. Such sinks are made of particularly resistant material, having a larger thickness and higher-quality impact-resistant. Complete with metal or wood cabinets, glass sinks look very elegant.


There are washbasins model, made of wood. As a rule, used for the production of laminated wood, which is specially treated by impregnation? Lacquer, clear acrylic is used for extra protection. To increase the resistance to the water, some manufacturers use bamboo wood, which does not even require special handling.

Wooden washstands come in various shapes and sizes. This is achieved by applying a special bonding array technology. The use of such models allows the sanitary elements give the interior originality. Underline it can be copper, bronze faucets.

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How to choose a cabinet under washstand

Items of furniture installed under the sink, in many specialty stores represented. To select a stand that works best for a particular country bathroom decor, you must follow certain rules:

  • Select style cabinets should once defined the overall design of the room.
  • All fittings used must be of high quality. Handles, door closers must be made of material that does not corrode – Bathroom applies to rooms with high humidity.
  • When choosing a model, it is important to consider the presence of bollards system “warm floor”.
  • Drawers under the washbasin are used not only to store hygiene items and household chemicals. Today the market offers models with built-baskets for dirty clothes – the optimum solution for small bathrooms used by families with small children.

To style an updated bathroom with a pedestal sink and was harmonious, it is impossible to ignore such moments:

  • The size

Having determined the mounting location, it should be several times to measure the free space that you plan to give a cabinet. It is important to consider not only the size of the shell, but also the design of the console. Drawers, hinged doors – all this requires a certain space for free opening and convenient use.

  • Material

Buying wash basin and pedestal to it, you should pay attention to how durable the materials from which they are made. If the room will benefit young children, should take into account the resistance to external damage and dirt, how easy it is to clean them.

  • Functionality

The smaller the area of the bathroom, the more urgent this requirement. Today manufacturers supply cabinets installed under the washbasin, shelves, not only, but also pallets, hooks, pull-out plan designs and other things.

  • Aesthetics

Furniture and plumbing elements should be integral to the overall design of the bathroom.

Determine the installation location

The most common repair in the bathroom accompanied by a full or partial change of plan. Therefore, to determine the place where the cabinet under the washbasin, you should still before will be finished laying all communications will be established. This will determine the dimensions of the console, and features form the shelves – they must be provided under the groove of the tube, which provides a dense dock.

If the sewer pipe is laid parallel to the plinth on the floor, the furniture should be on the lower side of the hole, through which will pass the hose.

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Avoid multiple holes allows carrying out all communications in one bundle. So they will be easier to hide behind furniture.

For bathroom furniture there are special requirements, as it will be in a fairly aggressive environment. Excessive moisture, temperature changes, condensation, mold risk – all of which can cause serious damage to the interior. Modern shops offer country bathroom décor furniture in a wide variety of spectrum as the models and materials. However, there are pitfalls everywhere, and this article will teach the right to bypass them. You will learn how to avoid becoming a victim of a wrong choice and to make such a purchase, which will delight for years.

How to make the right choice?

Of course, it would be desirable to bathroom furniture was beautiful, but it is also important not to forget about the quality and functionality. Therefore, saving in this case is impossible.

The ideal will be those products that combine thoughtful design, quality materials and reasonable price. Nevertheless, the choice of interior and attention should be given to other factors. So, what to consider when buying furniture for a bath?


Bathroom area. When choosing furniture, keep in mind the dimensions of the room and estimated the distance between the objects present in it. For example, you should not choose a massive pedestal with a top made of real wood, if the room is very small. Bath and shower cubicle must be within a certain distance from the wooden interior, in addition, requiring good ventilation system. Delicate materials require careful treatment and special care, so it is necessary to decide whether allowing your rhythm of life to provide them with appropriate care. If not, do not pay attention to such massive and expensive but high-quality bathroom furniture from water-repellent materials.

The number and age of the family members, as well as possible physical limitations. For example, if you have small children, and you want to prevent their contact with household cleaning products, buy high cabinet and store bottles with hazardous substances on the highest shelves. Also consider the ability and willingness of older members of the family, because they are not always convenient to reach for the top shelf, or, conversely, to bend too low.



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