Сheap bathroom vanities. 6 top tips

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Everyone knows the old saying that goes, if you want to do something good – do it yourself. Before you repair the bathroom, many people want to all this activity there were affordable at the same time wanting to get quality and beautiful appearance. However, to make quality repairs alone can not everyone because of not having the right tools, spare time or experience.

In this article you will find how to inexpensively decorate the bathroom, what materials to use and at the same time learn some useful tips from the experts. Before you start planning an inexpensive repair bathroom and toilet, you need to clearly understand what the end results you want to achieve in the end. Usually the purpose of repairs is:

1.creating beautiful interior;

2.safe operation of plumbing and furniture;

3.creating comfort and increase functionality;

4.prevent mold and fungal bacteria;

5.most long service life of the materials used.

Economical repair in the bathroom is quite possible to do using inexpensive materials, while respecting all of the above items, if you plan everything properly and select the appropriate material. Bathroom vanities with tops for cheap- it’s a great idea for a modern interior.

Choosing the cheapest material. Сheap bathroom vanity

It is well known that almost all building stores today offer an economy version of various finishing materials, which differ in the manufacture of quality, appearance and durability. These materials are designed for users with different levels of income and allow us to make a budget bathroom renovation. At the same time, you can find explicit material of poor quality, which is generally not recommended to buy.

It is important to remember that the relatively low cost material in comparison with analogues, still does not mean that he poor quality.

Choosing a quality and inexpensive glue for tiles. Bathroom vanities cheap

For example, reflecting on how to make inexpensive bathroom, of course, many prefer the cheaper adhesives for ceramic tiles and choose the tiles at the lowest cost. For example, there are two most common brands of tile adhesive Ceresit and torque. Ceresit is considered to be of higher quality and is much more expensive than the torque, which is cheap. But few know that these types of adhesive produces the same company, only under different trademarks.

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Before cheaply renovate the bathroom, you need to understand the relationship to the product manufacturer. According to the international quality standards, each adhesive has a range of hardness, and if Ceresit endowed with the maximum value out of this range, the torque is close to the minimum. By economical repair in the bathroom or a professional, you can choose any of the adhesives, when this is no significant difference as you do not notice it. So that the adhesive can be a good save and torque perfectly suitable as a budget option for tile installation.

Cheap materials for walls. Cheap bathroom vanities under $200

Arguing over how cheaply renovate the bathroom, with the budget repair you will probably not be considered an expensive Italian tile rugged non-slip coating and the perfect geometry of each product. Here, too, it is important to take into account the policies of the manufacturer, which is similar to the situation with the adhesive described above. Considering the cheap bathroom renovation, we do not take into account the elite tile from special varieties of clay with various additives and additives, and look at the items of the budget, or the middle class.

In most cases, tile medium or low price category does not differ in its composition. Inexpensive bathroom decoration of cheap tiles differs only in appearance glaze. Of course, the average product category have a wide range of colors and a variety of textural solutions. In this case, carrying out repairs bathroom economy class, do not chase the chic look, you can do more restrained solutions, but to beat them very adequately.

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Сheap bathroom vanity sets. For a budget option bathtub repair can define three types of wall  3 decoration:

1.ceramic tile;

2.plastic panels;

3.water-resistant paint.

Important! If you do not have at the disposal of perfectly smooth walls that do not require pre-treatment, the spending budget repair in the bathroom, from the use of paint should be abandoned. Preparing walls will result in a large lot of money for the purchase of putty and a challenge to master, which means that low-cost repair has not come out in the bathroom.

As for ceramic tiles, then to work with this material, too, need a special tool, certain theoretical knowledge and practical experience of course. Make repairs in the bathroom on their own using the tiles, without having the right knowledge and tools, of course will not work. However, in this case, do not worry, as there are the cheapest option and at the same time beautiful finishes, such as plastic panels.

Inexpensive bathroom renovation with the help of such panels can be done by hand without any experience. It can be considered a distinctive feature of these panels:

1.a large number of color and texture options;

2.Easy to use and install;

3.low cost of the material;

4.small specific weight;

5.the ability to easily replace any damaged segment;

6.the possibility of hidden placement of plumbing and electrical.

However, there is one negative point. Budget option repair the bathroom with the use of such panels requires the creation of a special load-bearing frame, which is a few centimeters reduces the floor space.

Cheap materials for flooring

Through inexpensive repair bathrooms, as a floor covering is certainly better to use ceramic tiles, preliminary having laid screed thickness of 3-5 cm for leveling the surface. As cheap repair in the bathroom is usually carried out in the premises of a small size, high costs do not purchase a few tile squares will not, and tie can be done independently, using a special mixture.

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As a temporary option, so it is quite cheap to make repairs in the bathroom, you can use a regular linoleum, but here it is important to remember that the conventional coating for a long time in the damp and mold do not serve will appear underneath. A few square meters of expensive water-resistant linoleum, will cost exactly the same as inexpensive, but it is quite suitable tile. Cheap option will repair the bathroom using a conventional silicone or a rubber mat, which can pick up the tone to finish and lay on the floor. But after each reception of the bathroom, the carpet must be lifted and wipe dry with a floor, as they can very quickly get a divorce fungal bacteria.

Accessories in the interior for bathroom vanity cheap

Even the most cost-effective bathroom renovation will require some cost for the resettlement of the room interior. The cheapest option is the usual curtain of film or fabric which prevents the ingress of water on the floor while taking a shower. Choosing the right shower curtain, capable of turning the economy renovated bathroom in an elegant room, taking over all the attention and creating a general mood. Beautiful image and the right colors can do wonders to hide defects and emphasizing especially the bathroom. Cheap bathroom vanities with tops also help to save the budget and space.


It is important to remember that to make inexpensive repairs in the bathroom better use of waterproof fabric curtains. It costs a bit more expensive than conventional film, but the visual and aesthetic effect is much stronger, besides its service life is much longer than that of film counterparts. Сheap bathroom vanities with sink can be stylish and modern, through the interior. Therefore, the sink depends on quite a lot of things.



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