Small bathroom remodel new ideas

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Means for washing approach the purchase of tools for the care of an acrylic bath properly. Because the surface of such baths “sensitive” and cannot be used powders containing solvents. Steel small bathroom remodel is a big plus and a big minus. The main advantages include the fact that it is a very economical way. Due to the low cost is very often the selection of consumers – to benefit the steel pieces. Also, the cost does not appear in the external form of the enamel coating is not inferior bathtubs made of cast iron, and the variety of forms does not stand out from the bath of acrylic. Also bath made of harder steel acrylic, but cheaper.

Not paying attention to these advantages, there are disadvantages:

  • The noise when water is typed. This ringing can be heard even through the wall. To mute the sounds unpleasant, small bathroom remodel ideas equipped with specialized seals based on rubber.
  • Most heat loss. The water in the bath of steel is cooled quickly enough, and so it is definitely not suitable for those people who like to soak in the foam water and think about life.
  • Deformation. Sometimes the bathroom walls can bend because they are not thick enough. Choose a bath right – under the growth and your weight, otherwise inevitable deformation.

Whirlpool stands out from all of the above baths due to its construction and executed mission. Such an instance – the perfect solution for people who have no problems with health. Based on the name of the baths, we conclude that the main objective of such a bath is considered a massage. Massage is performed with air water streams. These baths can help to relax and make the stronger health. Very often hot tubs made from acrylic, rarely – from cast iron. Cast iron hot tubs – it is not very reasonable, because they are incredibly heavy and expensive.

Water streams in the bath are made by the pump and compressor. Take a good look at the pump capacity and the number of nozzles. The more nozzles into a bath, the stronger must be the pump. The replacement will be the presence of 2-pump if the bath has jets for back massage.

The compressor is responsible for the presence of air in the water jet, and with the remote you can check the number of air (not on all models). A very important condition is considered to be the number of nozzles; a lot of them should not be, because that decreases the quality and effectiveness of massage. Small as their number does not provide a full body massage. The ideal number of nozzles – from 12 to 30. The thickness of the walls of the bath will be about 10 mm, this value enough to supply reliable products.

How to choose a towel dryer and understand which one is better?

When repairing the small bathroom remodels is done the replacement of obsolete equipment, the list of which includes a towel dryer is connected to the heating system or hot water. When choosing a new heater must be evaluated not only by its visual appeal, but also the strength of the manufacturing material. Not every device is able to withstand the operating pressure drops, resulting in the heating system, a block of flats. Please note that the peak value of this index can reach up to 10 atmospheres. Therefore, it is important to know how to choose a towel dryer and any product specifications to pay attention to the paramount consideration. It has the meaning and the correct installation of the equipment purchased. Typically, device assembly is performed prior to the finish decorating the room. This is advantageous both in finance and in the time spent on installation work. Many of the problems easier to manage to solve using electric models.

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What kinds of towel dryers are there? All towel dryers, present in the market of sanitary ware, can be divided into three groups. Water device they originally included in the standard equipment of a bathroom and are bent in a serpentine tube through which circulates hot water. The tripping moment’s hot water operation of the tubular article is not intended to until repairs are completed.

If the unit is connected to the heating system, the period of its use coincides with the heating season. This means that a water towel drier in this case idle without work for more than three months of the year. However, life does not stop, and residents of apartment buildings have to seek the replacement of this equipment. Electric towel dryers these devices can be an excellent alternative water models. After all, they can be operated in stand-alone mode, regardless of the operation of other systems. Also, there are no strict requirements to the installation of such equipment. Therefore, we can meet the electric towel dryers are not only in remodel small bathroom but also in kitchens and hallways. For such equipment need only uninterrupted supply of electricity. Of course, the constant use of the appliance will lead to an increase in bills for the consumed kilowatts. Combined towel dryer these units combine structural features of the water and electric devices, so they can operate in one of two modes as needed. However, many buyers still pushes the cost of such products.

Main information

Main nuances of selecting water towel dryer. As mentioned above, the technical parameters of models of water should correspond to the level of the working of pressing and pressure characteristic of the house plumbing system. In accordance with the building regulations and requirements governing unit apartment buildings and water heating systems, all used sanitary water intake valve must be operated at a pressure amounting to 6 atmospheres and higher. Although in theory it should not be the water pressure in the system exceeds 4 atmospheres, but in practice this value can vary from 2.5 to 7.5 atmospheres, depending on the number of the building, its location, state utilities. Note! Before buying a water towel dryer is necessary to clarify indicator of pressure in the water supply system at home, add a few positions on the possible hammering and select a device based on this information. Remember that all important technical parameters indicated by the manufacturer in the data sheet. For a country house with independent water and heating, the pressure of not more than 2-3 atmospheres, the choice of a towel dryer is not so complicated, so you can buy any model in small bathroom remodel cost . What is interesting models imported? Diameter pipes imported equipment is different from the diameter of domestic towel dryers, which makes the product more elegant and expressive. Besides colors of foreign manufacturers of devices is much more diverse. It extends the capabilities of the non-standard interior decoration bathroom.

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Towel dryers made of ferrous metals, it is desirable to acquire for country cottages equipped with individual heating system. Because the operation in small bathroom remodeling ideas in the flats high-rise buildings devices made of ferrous metals, corrosion corroded, clogged with salts and other impurities present in the coolant, and settles in the form of a solid deposit on the inner surface of the pipe. It is worth paying attention to the devices manufactured by companies in Germany and the Czech firm now. Knowing the material of manufacture of the device, as well as the degree of its resistance to corrosion processes, it is possible to understand what the towel dryer to choose and how much the equipment will last for approximately. Operational safety of electric models.

If the room is a possibility to connect a water unit, what the towel drier is better to use? Of course, electric. The undeniable advantages of these models are: the beauty of the construction design; leaks; independent of the pressure in the hot water supply system; easy installation; freedom in choosing a location. Heating control temperature; on / off as needed, and others. However, there is a significant drawback, which is linked to the complexity of securely connect any electrical appliance in a bathroom in a high humidity level. To eliminate the likelihood of electric shock, installation work must be carried out by a qualified electrician using a hidden wiring and special sockets, embedded in the wall of the room.

If you have small bathroom

This equipment is manufactured foreign manufacturers, and a towel dryer is better to choose specifically, every buyer should be solved independently. Domestic models are inferior in design, but also cost less. Import devices differ beauty, functionality and, therefore, more value. It is advisable to buy the unit and ordered remodeling a small bathroom installation in one place, so the only company fully responsible for his work. Otherwise, the seller can say that the equipment is out of order due to mistakes made during installation. The installer upon presentation of claims will shift the blame on the vendor providing, in their view, poor quality product. To exclude such a scenario can be representative of the installation company to entrust the choice of appropriate equipment from a technical point of view. The appearance of a towel dryer at the same time, of course, is determined by the owner of the apartment.

As can be presented three basic requirements for materials for sanitary equipment: durability, attractiveness, hygiene. If we consider the modern market, we can say that his range even indulge the consumer: an interesting design, water saving technologies, electronic control (the latter is important for public sanitary ware), and much more is available in the branded product lines. The most critical requirements for strength are presented when a plumbing concern the replacement of equipment in public places. In this case, the required materials are impact-resistant, durable and attractive remodeling small bathrooms.

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Composite materials

From a new generation of composite material should be made of granite. This material, which is produced through a unique connection technology polyester resin, calcium carbonate, quartz fractions. It creates a mixture that is used in the future for the next low tide plumbing that provides an opportunity to significantly diversify the design. Products that are produced are different presentable and elegant, high durability, ease of cleaning. All products are made from a single piece of material, which gives a number of advantages. One of the features of this material plumbing blow strength small bathroom remodeling. Thanks to the mica increasingly prefer to use in public areas. Visually, it fits well in modern interiors.

Stainless steel

Chrome-nickel stainless steel is a suitable solution for the public, and for home use. The main factors of practicality ease of care and ease of cleaning. This is important: as a rule, plumbing, which quickly accumulate grease and dirt or tarnish when exposed to high temperatures, lose presentable appearance in the first months of operation, and a year later the owner wants to replace it. The temperature range of stability 20-100S chromium nickel, which is more than half the “ahead” in terms of chrome steel. Increased resistance to various household acids is another reason that should give preference to chromium-nickel steel. With regard to a presentable appearance: the consumer is offered a choice between matte and glossy surface in small bathroom remodel ideas pictures.

Plumbing equipment of modern advanced materials can now be found in every city. If you make a call plumber for the purchase and installation of equipment, be sure to consult with an expert: You might stop the choice on innovation. And, as practice shows, regret it you just do not have.

To choose the right sink to the cheap cost to remodel small bathroom before going to the store or visit the online store, you need to understand what options is shell designed by designers, which can be easily found on sale, and which are in short supply and how to choose a sink, to serve for a long time.


Post shells selection should be well before purchasing it. We must remember that only a separate sink of the bath, and it should organically fit into the overall design and functional bathroom. In terms of the bathroom, which is best done in the scale on graph or, at least, on a checkered paper, you need to draw the placement of plumbing fixtures and appliances, planned for installation in the remodeling small bathroom. Dimensions of bathrooms in apartment buildings is not very large in size so that “catch” and have every centimeter shell sizes accounts, and therefore buy centimeter. That is, at this stage we choose the size of the sink.



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