Rustic bathroom vanities

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Wooden houses are not a relic of the past. They are incredibly relevant today. However, the building has little resemblance to the ordinary peasant hut. They have all the amenities. And even the bathroom in a wooden house now is not nonsense. To equip it, knowing some of the nuances is not difficult. Let’s try to consider them.

Features rustic bath

Since the bathroom has a specific microclimate (it is almost always increased humidity) it must begin with the finish to enhance the protection of the walls and other surfaces. This is important in the stone houses, in the same wooden structures, such works are essential. On the wall is applied to the protective compounds to prevent waterlogging of timber. If the wooden walls will be subject to a protective finishing, their potent repellent treatment means may be omitted.

However, the tree is terrible not only moisture, but also to changes in temperature. From the heat of wooden structural elements can be deformed. Strange sounds, but this problem is easily solved by insulating walls from the inside. This option is required for implementation in the bathroom in a wooden house, if you are planning to decorate its walls in any other material.

Design a bathroom in rustic style 4 types

The ideal solution for the situation in the usual bathroom wooden house will be furnished in oak.

The final finishing of the premises should begin only after you decide that you want to see as a result of such works: exotic bath in this rustic spirit or interior, almost no different from the city. With modern design, special issues arise. Choose yourself the style, material, and therefore get to work, but try to keep the primitive atmosphere is much more difficult. To make the bathroom easy charm, it is possible to arrange wooden furniture and decorate specific to rural life, accessories. Here are just picking up this furniture, keep in mind that the standard options are not made fit, so look for items protected from destruction by treatment with moisture. If you can not find anything suitable on their own, cover the furniture surface enamel, lacquer or unpack walk on them primed.

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The ideal solution for the situation in the usual bathroom wooden house will be made of oak furniture. The wood of this kind is strong enough initially and from the furniture can without any additional protecting and defending the treatments is in particular the bathroom situation is quite a long period.

Before filling the interior with its unusual bathroom accessories, consider how you will use them. All the items that appeared in the environment, should not stand idle. For example, in a wicker basket can collect dirty laundry or clean folded. On the bookcase can be laid out towels, etc.

In general, the space of the bathroom, especially in the house of wood, never get comfortable and cozy, if you do not adhere to certain rules of his organization. So what do experts recommend?

1.Choosing a color palette of the interior, do not choose too dark shades and do not dwell on too flashy colors.

2.Bathroom – the only room where the ceiling can be a continuation of the walls in a color scheme.

3.Required waterproofing room.

4.Do not get off the wall completely, without first treating them with waterproofing compounds.

What still appreciate wood in the interior, so it’s his absolute ecological safety. Quite a bit of effort and a bathroom in a rustic spirit with preserved primeval beauty of this tree will be a highlight of your home.

Fitted bathroom

When constructing a comfortable bathroom in a wooden house will require special attention to flooring design.

The country house made of wood, you can equip any bathroom design, the main place it on the ground floor of the structure, so as not to overload the joists.

To this room-specific functionality appeared in a private home for a long time and was able to give comfort to its occupants, in addition to carrying out waterproofing works, it is necessary to solve the problem with the insulation space and, finally, to its final finish. Adlya it is better to develop a draft of the future sanitary facilities, including all the details down to the features of its furniture.

What can be bathrooms in a wooden house? This question arises quite naturally. Number of bathrooms in the house directly determines the amount of people living in it, and the hospitality of the hosts. For example, a family of 5 people quite satisfied with one bathroom. Provided that live in the house no more than three people, the bathroom can be combined with a toilet, otherwise it is put in a separate room. However, if your house is a lot of guests who are late you will not one day, you should take care of them en suite. This solution will make your life and in the presence of guests and stay in your home as comfortable as possible.

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The choice of floor coverings. Rustic bathroom vanity

When constructing a comfortable bathroom in a wooden house will require special attention to flooring design. It should be used to read that font is filled with decent weight. In order not to distort the floor, it will have to be strengthened. The easiest way to enhance the design – to use a beam with a larger cross-section with decreasing distance stepper Mezhuyev them.

The bathroom need to lower the floor level of at least 100 mm. It is necessary for placing the rough flooring, waterproofing and construction of the screed. At this stage in vannoyvypolnyaetsya wiring sewer pipes and hoses running water.

The material for finishing floors in this unusual bath can be:






More often than not in this list are preferred granite tile. It looks a cover very well and happy housewives unpretentious in care. However, to tile did not let you put it should be only on the screed of sand and cement. Tiles should be based on a fixed base, and “walking” of the floorboard they can not be called. Note that the tie be sure to strengthen the load on the floors, so they need to be strengthened. Under screed sure to lay a two-layer insulation, it protects the bathroom floor in a wooden house not only from the effects of internal moisture and groundwater. By the way, if you want to have in your bathroom “warm floor” system, for its work arrangement also performed at this stage.

Upon completion of the preparatory activities commence laying mosaic tiles or drawings.

If you would like the bathroom in a harmonious rustic style, the floors need to cover the wooden floorboards. It is very important to choose high-quality wood, or do not have to rely on long-term operation of such floors.

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An excellent and more or less budget option would teak planks. The teak wood there is plenty of essential oils, which perfectly protect it from damage and resist penetration of moisture. Having laid the boards on the floor, the joints between them carefully caulk sealant.

Less than teak, but still quite resistant to moisture and larch. It can also be used in the decoration of the bathroom floor in a wooden house.

It defies the effects of mold and mildew treated with hot steam under vacuum thermowood.

Laying wood floor is made without ties. In this case, only need to perform high-quality insulation from moisture.

For a long time will be able to maintain their quality laid on the bathroom floor laminate. Its popularity is steadily increasing, and this helps not only the reasonable price and the good quality of the material, but also the range of choice. Today laminate planks can be matched to any color of wood.

Linoleum is also waterproof material and it could appear on the bathroom floor, situated in a wooden house, but underneath it is still necessary to lay the waterproofing and the joints need to be sealed with hot welding.

Options ceiling

The optimal solution for the bathroom in a wooden house will be suspended ceiling. And not just because it is aesthetically pleasing, but also because it will be a shield from the circulatory effects of wet and besides more and heated air. This physical characteristics and substance of them can not escape. Air, heating and moisturizing, to strive upward, so the ceilings in this room should always be suspended, even if you decide to collect them from the rails.


For suspension systems can reliably cover all the sewer, ventilation and water pipes. Ate you select appropriate settings for the conditions of the bathroom ceiling suspension system, their installation will be no problems. An exception will only drywall.



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