5 Great ideas for bathroom decor

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Every person begins a morning with a visit to the bathroom. This is no place for dull interior! It is essential to have only cozy atmosphere and harmony in such an important place. It sets you into a positive mood for the whole day. That is why you should pay special attention to the appearance of the premises. Of course, you can save yourself the trouble and seek the assistance of a professional designer. However, decorating the room on your own is not as difficult as it may seem, you can just try to look for some bathroom decor ideas images in the network. So, let’s talk about decor ideas for bathroom. Read more ›

Outhouse bathroom decor, 12 photos

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Outhouse bathroom decor in a country house offers a great opportunity to create a beautiful and functional interior in the original style. This is facilitated by the presence of a sufficient area for the successful realization of your own ideas. Spacious room can accommodate in it everything that is needed for taking comfortable water treatments. It can easily accommodate a comfortable bath, necessary plumbing fixtures and appliances, showers, furniture and accessories. In addition, the bathroom in a country house has a window with a breathtaking view of the garden and flowerbeds. The proximity of nature creates favorable atmosphere, gives a sense of peace and pleasure. In this article we will consider some outhouse bathroom decorating ideas. Read more ›

Paris bathroom decor, 40 photos

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Paris bathroom decor – is the simplicity and elegance, to be precise – grace, expressed in simplicity. The used finishing materials are natural; direct forms; on the surface there are antique frays; textile is cute and cozy; lots of light and pleasant things. If you prefer the simplicity – this style of the room is not for you.

A bachelor who calls his home a den will hardly choose a Paris decor for bathroom as there are many other attractive modern styles. But the head of the family who takes care of the comfort in his house and after consulting with his wife, will probably prefer the Provence style for the bathroom. In any case, choose the design which meets you taste preferences and helps to express the individuality. Let’s consider some Paris bathroom decorating ideas. Read more ›

Menards bathroom vanities, 18 photos

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Menards.com is a well-known website where you can find everything that you may need for a bathroom repairing. And today we are going to look closer at such an important part of the bathroom interior as bathroom vanity.

Bathroom vanity is undoubtedly an important attribute of any bathroom. And if before it had mainly a functional role, nowadays the bathroom vanities have become an element of design. And the way they look is becoming better and better. The best options now are bathroom vanities with sinks at Menards. Read more ›

Monkey bathroom decor as the top bathroom solution

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Most of the countries really respect the eastern tradition of the new year celebrations as well as the symbols of these years. And it’s pretty clear that most of us know their Eastern signs. For instance, such symbol as monkey. That’s why it is quite logical that during a “monkey year” a lot of people add such symbol to their interiors and turn the rooms into a “monkey-land”. Although it is a good idea, you should be really careful while doing that as you may simply overload the room with plenty of details. For this reason, most of the people try such design in the bathroom first. No wonder, as the monkey is a really stylish element that remains on the top for the last several years. So we will show you some monkey bathroom decor pictures and you will be able to make a choice. Read more ›

Batman bathroom decor, 20 photos

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If your house has children, and they are fans of Batman, then you can make the design in appropriate colors based on very dark or black shades. One of the unusual and innovative solutions is to have a bathroom in black.

Traditionally, this room has always been bright, but coal color fits here impeccably as well. Read more ›